Julius Caesar - Political and Historical Play

Have you ever noticed that in all the political backgrounds it always tend to end the same way? They always have a troublesome plot to them, Shakespeare has fitted two years of Julius Caesar’s life into just two hours. Julius Caesar is a political and a historical play, so I aim to look at both of the aspects of the play and how many points of the play can relate to real-life politics that has been occurring today in time.

I intend to write about the political background of Shakespeare’s play and the controversies between many of the different characters that can be compared to some of the politicians in today’s time, and also today’s political background and the two major political speeches made by Brutus and Mark Anthony, and how it can be references and how politics is being showcased today.

Many things have changed from the time Julius Caesar was alive and from what been happening in today’s politics, elections have seemed to have only changed a little when we look at the campaigns.

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The similarities the more one looks at Rome’s history and compare it to what is happening to in America. Although the drama in Julius Caesar shows more than striking similarities. At the beginning of the play, Cassius is trying to convince Brutus to join him in the campaign to assassinate Caesar. Cassius argument to Brutus was very compelling on the idea that Brutus has for Rome, but when Caesar refuses the crown, Brutus believes he will become king and then believes the killing him is a necessity to make some great and better.

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Now bringing that into politics today it shows how the election between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump had anything in common apart for killing someone.

Although you can make the connection between Caesar life and Hillary reputation, on how they found many emails that show she would be a great fit to be president of the united states, and Brutus and Cassius believe that Caesar would make a great king either and that’s why they decided to kill him. By the time Cassius and Brutus killed Caesar they were already plotting on how to take the throne, but they didn’t realize that Antony and Octavia would also want the throne as well, u can compare Cassius and Brutus to part take the idea of Hillary and Antony and Octavia would portray trump, in the way that Brutus cares for Rome and didn’t want the people to be enslaved by Caesar, and Antony and Octavia don’t care about who gets in their way, they are willing to kill anyone in order to just have the power, same thing concerning trump he doesn’t care what country or person is in his way he won’t stop until he has fulfilled his purpose to “make.

America great again”, and he doesn’t care if he has to break tie or peace treaties with certain countries to do it, just like Antony and Octavia they are willing to kill their own family members just to gain control. The people/audience can also be compared to the people/ Audience who are also watching what going on, because there’s always a division between people, people are always picking sides they never unite on anything Antony and Brutus has many supporters especially during the time they had given their famous speech in front of everyone, same thing goes for Hillary and trump majority of the women thought that having Hillary as president would be good for the united states but many Republicans thought that Trump would be a better fit since their ideology might be the same as his.

After the death of Julius Caesar, they were two main characters who gave very powerful and still referenced today speeches and it was Antony and Brutus. Antony made his speech firstat caesar funeral and it was a very ironic and sarcastic speech especially towards brutus, he starts by explaining how when people do bad things that tend to live on forever but the good deeds that they do always dies with them and is always forgotten by everyone, and how caesar good deeds are going to be buried with him, he also repeats that the same phrase, brutus says caesar was ambitious and brutus is a noble man so it must be true, he repeats it so much that he wants the people to question it was brutus right in killing caesar, is he as noble as he makes himself out to be, after that came brutus and his speech and he was basically painting caesar to be a bad guy and asking people if they would really have wanted him to be king if they wanted to be enslaved by him and his speech moved a couple of people but it almost sounded as though he was trying to make excuses for himself in order to justify his actions on killing caesar, he may almost have been feeling regretful for doing what he did.

Those speeches can be referenced today, because you can almost compare Antony to trump on their style of speaking to the public, because as Antony did trump tries to persuade the public in to question certain things that are always going on in politics today and many people tend to question the government motive on certain things, and Brutus can resemblance Hillary in her public speaking skill, because same as Brutus she tires to paint Trump as a very bad guy he would be great to run this country just like Brutus said about Caesar he didn’t think Caesar would be a great king, and some people liked her approach and some people mostly republicans didn’t like her approach on her trying to make Trump look bad. In conclusion, when Shakespeare wrote Julius Caesar, he must have to know that it would be compared to politics that go on throughout the years.

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