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Julius Caesar act II

In his soliloquy at the beginning of act II, what does Brutus imply about his feelings toward Caesar?
He believes that once Caesar gets powerful, he will not look back at the ones who helped him get there. They must kill him before he becomes too powerful, because the power will change him. They must “kill him in the shell”

What does Brutus believe in Caesars tragic flaw?
His ambition

How does Brutus react to the anonymous letter that Lucius brings to him?
He says that he will do all that is in his power to grant Romes petition for redress (give the people what they want, which is for Caesar to die)

On what date does act II occur? What is significant about that date?
March 15th, the ides of March. It is the day that the soothsayer told Caesar to beware of

Why does Brutus say that he has not been about to sleep?
He has been thinking about what to do, and reviewing what is about to take place

What does Cassius suggest the conspirators do to prove their commitment against Caesar? How does Brutus react to his suggestion?
He says that they should swear an oath, but Brutus refuses saying that if they are Romans, they will keep their word. And they should not have to swear and oath because of the fact that they feel so strongly about the matter.

Why does Metellus want to include Cicero in the conspiracy? Why does Brutus object?
Because he is old and wise, he will bring good public opinion to their schemes. Brutus says no, Cicero is a leader and not a follower, therefore he would never follow their plan.

How do Brutus and cassius’s attitudes differ concerning killing Marc Antony?
Cassius thinks they should kill him bc he is so close with Caesar and will be trouble down the road. Brutus says that Caesar is the head and Marc Antony is the limbs. Once the head is cut off, the limbs cannot function, therefore Brutus will be harmless once Caesar is dead.

Why does Cassius think that Caesar may not go to the Capitol?
He may listen to the bad omens and augurers and be too superstitious to show up.

Who thinks that he can persuade Caesar to go? How does he plan on doing this?
Decius, by flattering him.

Whom does Metellus think will be eager to join the conspiracy? Why?
Caius ligarious, because Caesar criticized him for speaking highly of pompey.

What does Portia believe is causing Brutus to act differently toward her?
He has a secret

How does Portia prove to Brutus that she can keep his secrets?
She cuts her thigh to prove that she is strong.

State three reasons that calpurnia does not want Caesar to go to the Capitol
She had a bad dream, and the night watchers saw strange things: a lioness gave birth in the streets, lighting shattered the skies, graves opened.

What is the result of the sacrifice that Caesar ordered to be performed? What do the augurers determine from the results?
They could not find the heart which is a bad sign, they tell Caesar not to leave the house that day.

Why reason does Caesar give Decius for not wanting to go to the Capitol?
His wife had a bad dream- Caesars statue was spewing blood into a fountain that the Romans were bathing in

How does Decius convince Caesar to go to the Capitol?
He interprets the dream in a good way (that Romans will gain lifeblood from his strength), tells him that people will think he is weak if he does not show, and tells him that they are planning on crowning him

What literary element is illustrated by trebonius’s aside at the end of scen 2?
Dramatic irony

What does Portia’s convo with Lucius at the end of act II reveal?
She wants him to check on Brutus and make sure that he is okay

Who plans to warn Caesar a second time of the danger that lies ahead for him?

What is one anachronism in act II?
Brutus says “peace, count the clock”, but they do not have clocks during this time.

What did Caesar hear calpurnia cry out in her sleep three times?
“Help they have murdered Caesar”

How does Caesar respond when calpurnia tells him all of the things that had happened that night?
He says he is not afraid, the bad omens apply to all of Rome and not just him. Calpurnia says that the heavens do not announce when a beggar dies, and Caesar responds with “cowards die many times before their death, the valiant die only once.”

Who does Caesar tell to meet him later so that they can talk?

Explain what Caesar meant by “cowards die many times before their deaths, the valiant never taste of death but once.”
He says this bc his wife has told him the reasons she does not want him to go out, and she says that comets are not seen when beggars die. “Cowards die many times” means that cowards are afraid and therefore miss out on things. “The valiant die only once” bc they are brave.

Explain what Caesar meant by “danger knows full well that Caesar is more dangerous than he. We are two lions littered in one day.”
Caesar uses two figures of speech: first personifying danger and then using the metaphor that he and danger are lions born on the same day. Lions are wild and fierce.

When Portia (brutus’s wife) tells Lucius to go to the Capitol, Lucius asks what she wants him to do there, and she cannot tell him to check and see if they have killed Caesar yet bc she must keep it a secret. So instead, she tells him to…
check on Brutus and make sure that he is well, and to see what caesar is doing and what men are close to him.

Portia hears a noise and the soothsayer enters. She asks him if_____________ and he tells her___________.
She asks if Caesar has made it to the Capitol yet

he tells her not yet, and that he is going to wait for him to pass and try to get him to change his mind, bc he feels that Caesar will be harmed at the Capitol.

Portia speaks to herself and says “oh Brutus may the gods aid you in your endeavor”. She then thinks that Lucius may have heard her so she makes up an excuse to explain why she is so nervous for Brutus-
that Brutus has a claim that Caesar won’t grant. She then tells Lucius to tell Brutus that she is happy and to speak well of her, and then to return with what brutus says.

Name all of the conspirators by the end of act II
Brutus, Cassius, Trebonius, Decius, Metellus, Casca, Cinna, and Ligarious.

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