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Julius Caesar: Act 2 Review (originally made by Ms Son

How does Decius interpret Calphurnia’s dream?
(Act 2 scene 2)
D says the dream is supposed to be something good, the smiling Romans bath in the blood of the statue of Caesar is because they think Caesar is great and they want to be a part of him.

What 2 reasons does Decius give as to why Caesar should go to the capital?
(Act 2 scene 2)
(1)the senates decide to crown Caesar today, he might misses it if he doesn’t go
(2)people would think Caesar’s afraid because of his wife’s bad dream, and that Caesar is not independent–he’s action depends on his WIFE’s dream.

What is Artemidorus’ plan?
(Act 2 scene 3)
He will hand the letter that warms Caesar of Cassius, etc. to Caesar when they’re walking.

Why is Portia so nervous and upset?
(Act 2 scene 4)
Because she knows the plan of Brutus, and she’s worry about him.

On what errand does Portia send Lucius ?
(Act 2 scene 4)
Portia wants Lucius to go to the capital and then come back, because she says Brutus is “sick”, and she wants Lucius to check what’s going on with Caesar.

For what information does Brutus want Lucius to look at a calendar? What is the significance of what Lucius finds?
(Act 2 Scene 1)
Brutus wants Lucius to check if the next day is March 15th. Lucius says it is. This is important because Caesar is killed on this day.

Why do the conspirators want Cicero to join them?
(Act 2 Scene 1)
Because Cicero is old , which means he’s experienced and full of knowledge, he could give them a lot of good advises

Why does Brutus reject Cicero?
(Act 2 scene 1)
Because Cicero won’t be in any plan if Cicero himself is not the leader

What is the reaction of Cassius when Brutus rejects Cicero? What does it show about the relationship between Cassius and Brutus?
(Act 2 scene 1)
Cassius immediately follow what Brutus says, and rejects Cicero. This shows that Cassius is trying to please Brutus so he can keep him on their side.

Why does Cassius want Antony killed?
(Act 2 scene 1)
Because Antony loves Caesar , Cassius’s afraid that one day Antony will be strong enough to take revenge on them if they leave him alive.

What reasons does Brutus give against killing Antony?
(Act 2 scene 1)
Brutus says if they kill Antony , their plan will seem too bloody; if Antony love Caesar that much, he would just grow melancholy with brooding then kill himself, but he probably won’t kill himself because he enjoys life too much. And he says Antony is just a limb of Caesar, if Caesar dies , Antony will be nothing.

Why doesn’t Brutus want to swear an oath?
(Act 2 scene 1)
Because he thinks what they’re doing is a sacrifice, not a murder. And it’s done for the sake of Rome, so only weak people would want to quit. So there’s no need of swearing an oath.

How does Decius say he will make sure that Caesar will come to the Capitol.
(Act 2 scene 1)
He says he’ll go to Caesar and flatter him by telling him he(Caesar) hates flattery. (Not sure about this answer)

What has Portia done to show Brutus that she is worthy of knowing his secret ?
(Act 2 scene 1)
She cut her thigh and doesn’t tell Brutus right away, because she’s strong enough to handle the pain by herself

What strange mans horrible things does Calphurnia report to Caesar that have been seen that night?
(Act 2 scene 2)
A lion giving birth on the streets; dead people coming our of their graves; warriors fighting upon the clouds which causes raining blood; in the air there are horses’ neighing and dying men’s groaning; ghosts shrieking and squeling on the streets

Explain Calphurnia’s statement:” When beggars die, there are no comets seen;
The heavens themselves blaze forth the death of princes”
(Act 2 scene 2)
“When commoners die, nothing will happen; when princes die, the heavens themselves will announce the death

What does Caesar mean by ” Cowards die many times before their deaths;
The valiant never taste death but once.”
Act2 scene 2
“Cowards could die many times before their death, because their courage dies many times in others’ eyes; the brave people would never taste fear until their death “

Why doesn’t Caesar want the people to be told that he will not go to the Capitol because he’s sick?
He doesn’t want to say a lie, and because he’s the boss, he doesn’t need any excuse for not showing up

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