Julius Caesar Essay

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Julius Caesar

The author, William Shakespeare, portrays Caesar in a more favorable light compared to Plutarch. In Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar, Caesar’s character sketch is that of a just, fair, patriotic, loyal and dominating leader. He is in favor of the people and always acts for their benefit. Whereas Plutarch shows Caesar as a dictator, a fearless man who does nothing but keep to his word and disregard all kinds of modern amendments.

It can only be William Shakespeare, a well-known genius praised by people for decades, can do full justice to the character of the great Roman leader, Julius Caesar, in his play. Shakespeare mentions the instance where Julius Caesar goes to the senate house where all of Brutus’ confederates add their petitions to those of Tillius Cimber, in behalf of his brother who was in exile, to withdraw his banishment.

They kissed Caesar’s hand and praised him but Julius Caesar like a truly just leader did not subject to that flattery and refused to comply with their requests. Another instance is where Caesar in spite of people warning him about the omens of the Ides of March, dutiful of his kingship still goes to the senate house and attends the meeting which he thought was to discuss important issues concerning the people of Rome.

Both of these instances show a true king in the face of Caesar. Caesar was most definitely a model political figure. He refused the crown three times when it was awarded by the people. All his actions showed that he cared only about the people of Rome and not about his achievements. This puts all the notions about Caesar being a dictator and unjust ambitious leader, totally wrong. Caesar truthfully contributed to Rome and its people throughout his life. 1

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