Julies bakeshop Essay

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Julies bakeshop

Julies bakeshop purchases and A celebration of taste, freshness and high quality. Julies bakeshop was opened and grew to become part of the Filipino’s everydat life. Julies bakeshop is giving us our daily bread. But when help is needed, this neighboorhood bakeshop wa always in the forefront, giving the much needed sustenannce to move forward.

The driving force of this humble organization are their values, it is through these values of integrity and honesty, synergy and teamwork, customer service and social responsibility that Julies Bakeshop promises to serve God and her Countrymen. Julie’s Bakeshop has a continually growing corporate family of numerous employees along with some 140 Franchisees who operate about 99% of all Julie’s Bakeshop branches. Continuing to thrive with strategic innovations, Julie’s Bakeshop went through an image makeover to match its business success.

The company logo, now without borders, allows the bold upward strokes of its fonts to suggest a swift boundless flight into a myriad of opportunities and complements a new store design sporting a fresh vibrant look. B. Product

Julies bakeshop is primarily knownfor Selling Breads, Loef, Cakes but also sellsother beverages and pastries . Breads :
Sliced Bread
Choco Coffee Overload
Classic Bohol
Cheese Streusel
Chessy cheese
Monggo basket
Pan de coco

Fried Product :
Fried Bread
Cakes and Rolls:
Choco roll
Ube roll
Buko pandan
Straweberry roll
Chiffon cake
Bannana pineapples
Butter roll
C. Market
Julie’s bakeshop target market is the Teenagers, family members, students and professional. Product research and development plans are already in the works to come up with additional recipes of bread from the 200 recipes of bread being offered today. But Julies will keep the prices at an affordable level especially for the mass market. Currently offers an extensively expanded product range.

Anytime, anywhere, one can have such timeless favorites like the Pan de Coco with its fine coconut sweetness; the Cheesy Cheese Bread sworn by many to have the biggest chunk of cheese; or the Creamy Ensaymada said to be the mother of all ensaymadas around. Julie’s Premium Loaves, a new product line, bring all that festive flair to any special occasion. Of course, the slices of heaven in the regular and special sliced breads, and a wide choice of other bread fare still hold their own as favorite bestsellers.

Today, every tray of Julie’s Bakeshop’s steaming hot bread wafting with a sweet, piquant aroma all speak of an ongoing commitment to serve customers with the same distinctively delicious, freshly-baked and high quality breads that have enhanced Filipino lives for 30 successful year and will continue to be so. D. Location of the business

The location of the business is within the city of Ozamiz there are 2 branch of Julie’s bakeshop in the city. The 1st branch is in front of the City Public Mall and the 2nd store is Ground floor Public Mall beside Seven Seas shopping mart.

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