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Juicy Couture

Questions that may be asked during the observation of the coffee shop would involve mostly queries about the nature and topic of the subjects’ conversation as well as body language and even the nature of coffee purchased. What type of people frequent coffee shops? Another question might be, “What is their general purpose in frequenting coffee shops? ” These would be the initial questions that an observer would have. One category that was observed in the fieldwork was the people inside the coffee shop. In the researcher’s opinion, the coffee shop in question would be determined by the hour of observation.

During the early morning, several employees and students may be seen purchasing coffee and leaving immediately. As the morning would draw on, the patrons would stay longer but would be composed still mostly of students and senior citizens wearing jogging gear. Their conversations at this point would differ greatly. The senior citizens would discuss matters in the newspaper while the younger patrons would discuss topics like television shows, other youth and perhaps schoolwork. Observing the students, one may be able to ask the questions, “What is the meaning behind ‘Juicy Couture’, ‘Dolce’ or ‘Louis Vuitton’”?

These are the terms that have often been seen in the conversations with the students. From observation and closer attention, these terms denotatively mean the brand names of lines of clothing, but upon further attention, these would look to be their judgment on the brand names of what the other patrons were wearing. It would seem that a speech event in the coffee shop would include appraisal of all the other patrons’ attire and retinue. Upon this, new questions may be asked, which would include, “Why is this judgment important for the students? ” “Why is it only observed in their age group and not in others? ”

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