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Essay on Judiciary

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Importance of the Supreme Court for Judiciary

However, it was not, but the states took this move to the right by the Supreme Court, as an opportunity to regulate abortions far more closely. The states also gambled on the fact that the Court would not intervene on issues involving the availability of abortions in states. In 1992, the 1973 decision was once again upheld but the Court ruled that a state would be acting unconstitutionally if it ...

Conflict Between Legislature and Judiciary

[ 5 ]. A two-part process of three steps: amendments are proposed then they must be ratified by the states. An Amendment can be proposed one of two ways. Both ways have two steps. It can be proposed by Congress, and ratified by the states. Or on demand of two-thirds of the state legislatures, Congress could call an Article V Convention to propose an amendment, or amendments, which would only be va...

Justice Delayed Is Justice Denied

In vogue justice delayed justice denied is a very smooth saying. But it is not as easy to understand without clarification as to what actually is meant by the delay of justice. Justice is something meant to be handled at the present moment. Without justice system there can be no state worth the name. It is rightly called the shield of innocence and the guardian of civil right. This is so because, ...

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Values in Monte Cristo and V For Vendetta

The ruling theme in both The Count of Monte Cristo and V for Vendetta is vengeance and this is evident through the techniques character, plot and dialogue. In Alexandre Dumas’ The Count of Monte Cristo, the techniques character, plot and dialogue emphasize the theme of vengeance. Similarly, James McTeigue effectively uses the techniques character, plot and dialogue to signify the theme of vengea...

Alternatives to Incarceration

Overall the criminal justice system needs to really start to change the way certain offenders are handled and then pretty much lost in the system. It effectively helps to create more and more offenders and even encourages repeat offenders. Financially for taxpayers it makes more sense. It is cheaper to provide outpatient options and treatments then to pay to keep an offender confined in prison. As...

Courtroom work group

If this was applied the amount of backlog would be substantially reduced because there would be more judges to handle cases each day. In conclusion, I believe that the court system is always going to be changing. There are always going to be people who are not pleased with the way the judicial system is ran. There are also many aspects which do need attention and would be able to be fixed if only ...

Constitution's Belief of Equality Before the Law

Through Watergate, the office of the President, and all politicians, understood the power of the media. Another impact of Watergate was that it was living proof that no politician could operate for a prolonged period of time above the law. Power could not save President Nixon and his cabinet from facing impeachment, and eventual resignation/ prison terms. The Constitution's belief of equality bef...

Mandatory Minimum Sentence

The long mandatory sentences for serious crimes have intuitive appeal. Evil actions deserve severe punishment. In the case of petty street crimes however, mandatory sentences can be harsh and a burden on taxpayers and the courts. The prisons are full off non-violent offenders who are serving mandatory sentences. We must all put our resources together and find a way to remove mandatory sentences wh...

Consitutional issue in Brandy V HREOC

The High Court seeks to achieve justice by consistently applying rules and procedures that shape a fair, consistent and predictable legal system and constrains government arbitrariness. It does not concern whether the end result will be substantive, as such it satisfies ethical, emotional or political factors. This notion of justice is more concerned with process and procedure than the result. As ...

Judiciary in The Casey Anthony Trial Case

The Casey Anthony trial was a case that made national headlines. The verdict still shocks people when they hear about it and very strongly disagree with it. I think Casey should have been arrested and convicted of manslaughter because I think it was an accident. I do not think she meant to kill Caylee, just knock her out for a few hours. I strongly believe Casey Anthony got away with murder and ju...

Indian Judiciary System

Each High Court has power to issue to any person within its jurisdiction directions, orders, or writs including writs which are in the nature of habeas corpus, mandamus, prohibition, quo warranto and certiorari for enforcement of Fundamental Rights and for any other purpose. This power may also be exercised by any High Court exercising jurisdiction in relation to territories within which the cause...

Laws Concerning Statutory Rape

Our judicial system is designed so that you are innocent until proven guilty, not vice versa. Patronizing and favoring females puts males at a disadvantage. Stereotypes and pressures of environments, society and peers can deter male victims to even report such incidents. It should not be that way. America is believed to be a country that is equal, so we should uphold that claim. To use gender as a...

Abuse of the Executive Powers of the President

Yes it is true citizens elect the president but they can not tell how they are going to act once in office. Presidents use strategies to get elected so that once they are in office they can do what they actually believe should be done. There have been several attempted scandals and cover-ups from former presidents to keep them from getting in trouble and the executive power still remains to be mis...

The Role of Judiciary in the Political Process

Boulanger very aptly puts it that “All over the world Constitutional Courts or similar institutions have been given the power to declare acts of the executive or laws enacted by the democratically legitimated legislature unconstitutional”(p. 1). At present it is too early to determine how healthy this trend is but for now the place of courts in a democratic country’s political process is wel...

The Re-Denley Principle and Beneficiary Principle

Berry, Jairus Ware & Howes, Edwin Jr (2000) A Treatise on the Law of Trusts & Trustees London: Beard Books Hudson, Alistair (2009) Equity & Trusts London: Taylor & Francis P. Matthews (1996) “The New Trust: Obligations without Rights”, in Oakley, Trends in Contemporary Trust Law Oxford University Press Ramjohn, Mohammed (2006) Equity & Trusts London: Routledge Taylor & ...

Approaches to statutory interpretation by the judiciary

The golden rule was developed to tackle the absurd, unfair and unjust situations arising from the application of literal rule. This rule allows judges a little more leeway, allowing judges to refer to various other documents around the statute such as the report of Parliamentary commissions to aid understanding of the statute. There are two approaches to the golden rule – the narrow application ...

China`s court system

One reform within the court system that can help to improve matters is making the courts to be independent of the government. The independence of the courts is the only guarantee that the citizens of China can get justice because of the lack of interference and coercion to decide the cases in a certain manner. It will help to bring confidence among the populace of getting justice and a fair hearin...

The Congregation in Kenya and Legislators


Government system


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