Judas Priest and Money Essay

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Judas Priest and Money

Money, money, and money; all people talk about this crucial thing as if money is the goal of their life. Many people say that we cannot live without money. They say so because almost all the things they need and they want can be gained if only they have money, even for an occupation. Since this reason, people’s thought seems to be changed; money is regarded as the determiner of their life and the worst, as the God. But for me, money is not everything although money can buy many things that I want. Money, in my opinion, is only a little piece of our life. We are born not only for getting money. There are the other things that much more important than it. It is badly affect your life when you think that money is everything. Money becomes a reason of the crime happen today. Deception, murder, robbery are all because of it. You will think about yourself, without caring about another people’s life. Your eyes will be blinded; you will not recognize which one is enemy, friend or family. As the servant adores his Lord, people will do anything for money. They work all the day for the sake of getting money.

If they failed to get much money by doing low salary-fine job, they will run to the worse-dirty job in which they can get much money. For many people who live in poverty, financial must be the prominent problem they have to face. And when they are being asked “do you want much money?” Their answer must be completely “yes”. Then they will do anything-whether it is good or bad- to get it. Next, I tell you another thing why I can say that money is not the most important thing in our life. That is you will be nothing with all of your money if you live alone-without your family, your friend or the other people- in this world. Whom will you tell that you have a lot of money? Who will feel envy to you when you have a lot of money? Can you talk with your money when everyone leaves you alone? Can you make a love with your money?

All of those questions strengthen my opinion that money is not everything. Money cannot help you to do anything without people around you. The last but not the least, money is not a guarantee to get happiness. The first, money cannot buy health. You will not be happy having a lot of money but you always suffer from some diseases. In the other word, you cannot enjoy it when you are sick. Second, having a lot of money, sometimes make us feel restless; we afraid of losing our wealth. Afraid it will be stolen by the other people. Worrying about it makes us live in fear; we do not live in happiness. Next, when you feel that you are the winner because you have got much money and so proud of it, then you turn to be very arrogant. Sooner or later, people around you will leave you one by one; they are sick of you who turn to be very arrogant.

At the first time you may do not care about them, but after all, you will be lonely. Are you happy having much money without anyone lives with you? Of course the answer is NO!! In short, money is not the most important thing in our life. There are many other things that much more important than it. It cannot give a guarantee for happiness. Without being healthy, money is just a paper with its number. Without people who give you affection, money is just a thin rectangle thing to fill our wallet up. Money may help you to get what you need and you want, but it is not the determiner of your life, it is not your God. You can work as hard as you can, but keep your body healthy, and do not forget your family, your friend and others who care of you. Those are much more important than money itself.

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