Judaism Study Essay

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Judaism Study

Judaism is one of the world’s oldest religions still practiced. It originated in the beliefs, practices, and experiences of the ancient Israelites. Today, Judaism is practiced by millions of Jews living in every inhabited continent. The central belief of Judaism is that there is a single God who created the universe, cares about humanity, and wants people to live moral lives. This belief, called ethical monotheism, spread from Judaism to Christianity and Islam. It is one of the main reasons that understanding Judaism is important in understanding world history.Jews believe in one creator who alone is to be worshipped as absolute ruler of the universe. He monitors peoples activities and rewards good deeds and punishes evil. The Torah was revealed to Moses by God and can not be changed though God does communicate with the Jewish people through prophets. Jews believe in the inherent goodness of the world and its inhabitants as creations of God and do not require a savior to save them from original sin.

They believe they are God’s chosen people and that the Messiah will arrive in the future, gather them into Israel, there will be a general resurrection of the dead, and the Jerusalem Temple destroyed in 70 CE will be rebuilt. The Jewish Bible is called the Hebrew Bible because it was originally written in the Hebrew language. Jews believe that studying the Hebrew Bible helps one learn how to lead a righteous life. Because Christianity developed from Judaism, the Christian Bible includes the Hebrew Bible as the Old Testament. The Hebrew Bible contains accounts of the early history of the Jewish people and Jewish laws. The Ten Commandments are an example of Jewish law. The Hebrew Bible is divided into three sections: the Torah, the Prophets, and the Writings.

The Torah, also called the Five Books of Moses, is the holiest of the sacred texts of Judaism. Jewish religious leaders are called rabbis. Rabbis spend many years studying Judaism. They teach, lead religious services, comfort community members who have lost loved ones, and  represent the Jewish community to the larger community. Rabbis are respected because they have a great deal of knowledge, but Jews do not think that rabbis speak for God. Rabbis have a leadership role because of their scholarship and commitment to serve the community.Judaism teaches the importance of social justice, the idea that individuals and groups should be treated fairly.

This concept is derived from the idea that all human beings are created in the image of God and therefore entitled to dignity and equal opportunity. In addition, it states in the Torah: “love your neighbor as yourself.” Jewish texts stress the commandment in the Torah to treat everyone fairly because “you were strangers in the land of Egypt” and therefore understand what it means to be treated unfairly. Biblical law requires that trials be just, that workers receive fair wages, and that foreigners and weaker members of society be protected. The books of the Prophets build upon the idea expressed in the Torah with passages such as “Justice, Justice, shall you pursue.” It is not surprising that many Jews rank commitment to social justice as the most important aspect of their Jewish identity.

Some of the major beliefs of Judaism are that the Jews do not believe that God is limited to any place: He is Lord of the universe. The Jews take strength from their faith. It helps them maintain their identity as a people even when they did not have a state.Judaism is a monotheistic religion;

Jews believe in one god

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