Judaism Essay Topics

Jewish interfaith marriages and its possible impact on Judaism

In the Jewish world there is much concern and ambivalence over the effect of interfaith marriages – Jews marrying non-Jews. Those who are not familiar with their religion and customs may find it difficult to understand why such a dilemma exists in the modern world. A feeling that is not lost in younger generations of… View Article

I Am a Jew

Introduction           I am a Jew. Proudly Jew.  I come  from a long line of ancestors, from an ancient race  that traces  its roots  to  the time when God  first made a covenant with man – our first father Abraham. I am a Jew, and unlike other religions and nationalities in the world, we can… View Article

Judaism: The Way of Reasoned Inquiry

The Jewish people and their religious practices have always sparked a controversial curiosity from major walks of life all over the world. To be Jewish is more often than not linked to the Holocaust, Diaspora, Israel, and a monotheistic practice based on the belief in a single, all-powerful God. They consider themselves as a people… View Article

On Judaism and Christianity: A Comparison and Contrast World Religions Report

Abstract  This study examined the similarities and differences of Judaism and Christianity in terms of three critical issues to wit: Sin, Messiah, and Covenant.  A visit to the synagogue was undertaken in order to further examine the culture and traditions of the Jewish community. Likewise, the author for the purpose of obtaining first-hand information also… View Article

The Impact Of Judaism

Introduction             Judaism is the Jewish religion. It is one of the oldest of the great world religions, and is the mother religion of both Christianity and Islam. Judaism was not founded by one towering personality, as were most other religions. Abraham and Moses are not regarded as founders. Abraham was the “father of the… View Article

The cardinal principle of Judaism

Judaism religion really interests me because it is totally different to my religion which is Christianity. Judaism has no catechism or dogmas that must be accepted but does have certain ideas that are basic in the faith. The cardinal principle of Judaism is the affirmation, or prayer: “Hear, O Israel, the Lord our God, the… View Article

The Tragedy of the Holocaust

Most individuals in society think of literature as just a simple story that the author creates. What most individuals don’t know is that authors have a meaning for writing literature, not just simply for pleasure. Most authors write literature to show a message to the audience whether it’s a personal story or a historical event…. View Article

How Is Peace Understood in Judaism?

The Jewish greeting ‘Shalom’, coming from the same root as the Arabic ‘Salaam’ means peace. This emphasises the centrality of this concept to Jewish thought. Yet peace is only peace in contrast to its antithesis. The Jewish scriptures begin with the creation out of chaos of a beautiful garden. Almost immediately rebellion creeps in, to… View Article

Role of Women in Jewish Religion

We have been taught about several religions throughout this course, but one religion that has really caught me, is Judaism. There are many interesting facts about the Jewish community, religion, and such. However, I’m going to just talk about Jewish women and the roles they play in the Jewish community. In traditional Judaism, women are… View Article

How Mitzvot Affects the Lives of Jews

The word ‘mitzvah’ means the divine commandment or rule from god, the purpose of these rules are to make life easier for people to live, make them purer and closer to god. These rules were made to insure people could become a better person and to make the world a better place to live in…. View Article

“Awake My People!” Versus “The City of Slaughter”

The Jewish people have an extensive history of Diaspora (migration), long after their exile from Israel in 587 B.C.E. by the Babylonian (Spitzer, J). Their struggles for inclusion into other nations were met with repeated rejections due to their inclination to preserve their distinct culture, which only alienated them. Without a permanent homeland, they migrated… View Article

Comparative Religions

Judaism began in Israel, 2000 BCE. Christianity began in the middle east it began about 2000 years ago. Christianity is the religion based on the person and teachings of Jesus of Nazareth, or its beliefs and practices. Judaism is the monotheistic religion of the Jews, based on the laws revealed to Moses and recorded in… View Article


Judaism is the religion of the Jews which is influenced by the belief that there is only one God who created and who constantly holds over the world. It is said to have originated when Abraham turned his back from worshipping false gods during his time. According to Arthur Hertzberg in his book Judaism, God… View Article

Analyzing the Similarities between “Hymn to the Aton” and “Psalm 104”

The thought that two different works of art written by authors of different countries, different backgrounds, living eight hundred years apart and centering on religion—more [specifically] their portrayal of God and how he is like the sun—[being similar] would [be] deem[ed] [as] impossible [or not likely by many]. [However,] the poems [“]Hymn to the Aton[”… View Article

Jewish Sexual Ethics

Sexual Ethics are integral to Judaism because they provided direct guidance on how to behave morally and in accordance with the Torah and God. Although, over many years Jews were suffering from persecution, they are currently showing stability which can be attributed to the framework that is outlined through the strong ethics that they uphold…. View Article

Orthodox and Judaism

The origins of Judaism can be traced back to the times of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob who were the patrons of the religion and both spiritual and physical ancestors. They founded this religion and their followers are the people we know as being Jewish. Interestingly enough modern critics question the validity of the theory of… View Article

Televising the Holocaust in America during the 1950s

Shylock is a monster of cruelty, miser, greedy, suspicious ,cunning , bloodthirsty ,revengeful, mean ,a bad father and a bad master. But it is the circumstances that made him like this. Shylock is a tragic figure, trapped by prejudice and driven to revenge by the treatment he receives He is not cruel by nature. He… View Article

George orwell

There are about 400,000 known Jews in Britain, and in addition some thousands or, at most, scores of thousands of Jewish refugees who have entered the country from 1934 onwards. The Jewish population is almost entirely concentrated in half a dozen big towns and is mostly employed in the food, clothing and furniture trades. A… View Article

Ashkenazi Jews

The Jews admit that they are not the descendants of the Ancient Israelites in their writings. Under the heading of “A brief History of the Terms for Jew” in the 1980 Jewish Almanac is the following: “Strictly speaking it is incorrect to call an ancient Israelite a ‘Jew’ or to call a contemporary Jew an… View Article

Jewish Festivals in Israel

Jewish festivals are the days celebrated by Jews. Some Jewish festivals happen on the same date every year, while others move around within a range of dates. Here we have provided the dates of the Jewish religious holidays for calendar year 2009. All Jewish holidays begin in the evening after the sunset. Judaism is believed… View Article

Jews Living in America in the 1920’s

In the autobiography, “Out of the Shadow”, author Rose Cohen, a Russian-Jewish immigrant, explains the social and economic conditions during the late 1800s and early 1900s for Jews immigrating into the United States. Cohen explains how many Jews fled Eastern Europe and Russia during this time due to the ruling of the tsar, fear of… View Article

Economic Pursuits of the Jews in the Middle Ages

The Jews in the middle ages progressed economically through various occupations. Their economic status was very volatile for many reasons. No area of Jewish life in Western Europe offers such a perpetual change as the economy does. The Jews most specifically participated in international trade, crafts, slave trade, local trade, and most popularly in money… View Article

The Expulsion of Jews from Spain

The year of 1492 is a year the congregation of Jewish people will always remember. This was the year that over 200,000 Jewish people were forced to leave the land of Spain because of Queen Isabella and King Ferdinand ordering the removal in a somewhat peaceful manner, thanks to Father Tomas de Torquemada. Father Tomas… View Article

Jews and Jonah S Ministry

Jews Without Money is based on its author’s own childhood, Michael Gold. It re-creates the Jewish immigrant Lower East Side in Manhattan in which he lived, and it provides insight into the life of first- and second-generation Jewish Americans around the turn of the twentieth century. Gold does a wonderful job at putting the reader… View Article

Night by Elie Weisel

Night is the narration of an experience filled with darkness, sadness, silence and at times also death. on the second section of this novel (page 21-24), a dark and angry pictures of human nature emerged . The Jews was deported to the concentration camps riding in a cattle wagon, treated like caged animals. They are… View Article

Religious Service

For my last response paper, I decided that I wanted to attend a Jewish service. Since I had missed the pre arranged field trip to go with the school, I decided that I would grab a friend, and make a day out of driving up to Park City to go to the Temple Har Shalom…. View Article

Israel: Miracle in the Desert

I. Brief Economic History The first survey of the Dead Sea in 1911, by the Russian Jewish engineer Moshe Novomeysky, led to the establishment of Palestine Potash Ltd. in 1930, later renamed the Dead Sea Works.[14] In 1923, Pinhas Rutenberg was granted an exclusive concession for the production and distribution of electric power. He founded… View Article

Jesus Creed “Response Paper”

The Jesus Creed has really helped me to look at Scripture from what I believe is a more biblical and Jesus centered perspective. While I have read the words Jesus used from Deuteronomy 6:4-9 and Leviticus 19:18 many times in Scripture, I never considered how all His teachings might have stemmed from them. I did… View Article

Night: Elie Can Not Escape His Fate

In Night, Elie Wiesel goes through a journey as he and his fellow Jews are deported to the concentration camp in Auschwitz. There, for the first time in his life, he is tested with his beliefs as he encounters and witnesses acts of barbarity. Through this, Elie discovers that atrocities and cruel treatment can turn… View Article