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“Jubilee” is a narrative written by Margaret Walker and was first published in 1966. The writer, instructor as well as intellectual was born in 1915 and is best recognized for her civil war narrative Jubilee as well as for her influential anthology of poems concerning ethnic assertion. Walker’s narrative is one of the initial tales to present the African-American’s nineteenth century experience within the South from a feminine as well as a black’s perspective.

The narrative won the Houghton Mifflin’s Literary Fellowship Award, and is a fictionalized explanation of the life of Margaret Duggans Ware Brown, Walker’s great-grandmother who was born in Dawson in Terrell state as a slave and lived during reconstruction inside South West Georgia. The narrative is based on tales Walker’s maternal grandmother narrated to her. (Walker. M, 1999)

The seriously celebrated historical narrative/long fiction centers on the story of Vyry, a bi-racial slave in the Civil War in America and deals with a number of subjects like racism, freedom, slaves or slavery, Civil war, women, christianity, reconstruction, African- Americans among other major themes. The narrative is set in Georgia and afterward in diverse sections of Alabama during the mid-1800s prior to, during, as well as following the civil war.

The following is an explanation of the setting in place and time, the manner in which the author takes the reader there, the major characters, the history studied from the narrative, what the reader can study concerning civil war, slavery and reconstruction, whether the author views slavery as paternalistic or autocratic as well as what the narrative states concerning why reconstruction was not successful.

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