JSBMHA and HIPPA case study Essay

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JSBMHA and HIPPA case study

There are many faults in this scenario that I read about with Jim and Betty. First of all, when you are dealing with people who are in a “counseling or any type of therapeutic” setting, you have to be able to handle this situation with privacy and always try to treat your client with respect and never discuss them outside of the clinical setting.

The HIPAA laws are to protect the patient’s rights so that they cannot be given just out to anybody. The only people that can have access to the medical files would be someone that is involved in the care of or needs to have access to them for anyone that is billing, or the insurance company that is paying for the services that the client is receiving.

What areas of the JSBMHA did HIPAA compliance impact, When Jim and Betty were working for that company, they had unfortunately talked about specific clients and some relatives of the clients had heard the conversation and also their relatives names. They had immediately gone to the company and talked with their supervisor so he could deal with the employees that had broken the privacy laws. JSBMHA, is an certified agency that works with clients that have psychological, mental, and addictions for drugs. THE clients need to be able to feel safe, knowing that their conversations are not talked about elsewhere, unless it is related to their recovery.

What Jim and Betty did at the cafeteria is inexcusable. You never know who is going to be listening in on your conversation when you are in a public place. If the wrong people hear what is being said, you never know what the ramifications could be. If a woman is at a domestic violence shelter and you are talking about what she went through with her ex-boyfriend , not knowing the whole time that the ex is in the booth right behind you. Right there you have just put that women in a dangerous position. Without thinking you have just put that woman’s life in jeopardy.

I believe that because of their actions that JSBMHA should suspend both of them for at LEAST two weeks without pay. I believe with that type of punishment, maybe both of them will really think about what they did and why it was inappropriate. Maybe they should even write a paper on how their actions were wrong and also be able to see how they’re gossiping put that woman in jeopardy. They need to really understand how their actions can affect other people. ‘

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