Journeys of Discovery Speech Essay

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Journeys of Discovery Speech

Journey: A course of travel from one place to another. Whether it’s mental or physical, everyone sitting in this class at this present moment will go through a journey at one point in their lives. Journeys can go for a short or long amount of time and may have either a positive or negative outcome, but at the end of the day, journeys change our lives in one way or another. Teacher and fellow students, today I will be speaking to you about three different related materials that have challenged and enhanced my understanding of journeys of discovery.

These three related materials are “Finding Nemo”, “Franklin in the dark” by Paulette Bourgeois and “Photographs” by Nickelback. These related materials have made me realize that journeys can create a better version of yourself, journeys are best when undergone with other people and also that journeys make you realize you’re your life was like before you started the journe. “Finding Nemo” is a Disney movie about pushing yourself, stepping outside your comfort zone and realizing what is significant in life.

It’s taught me in a great way that journeys can improve yourself as a person. Nemo’s father Marlin is a ideal example to back up this statement. Marlin is an unbelievably over protective and cautious father after an upsetting shark attack killed his wife and unborn baby fish. Marlin is very observant as to who Nemo hangs around with on his first day of school and even questions whether he should keep him back “five or six years”. When hanging around the other fathers at the school, they discover that marlin is a clown fish.

The fathers are eager to hear a funny joke. Following being asked marlin says “well… I do know one” he starts to tell his joke nervously and utterly ruins the punch line of the joke. The fathers glance at him awkwardly as they learn that he really isn’t humorous at all, in fact it doesn’t seem like he has much of a personality. Before long, Nemo is captured by a diver and Marlin starts his challenging and exhilarating journey across the ocean to attempt to find his son Nemo.

Throughout his journey he goes through massive obstacles and things that he wouldn’t ever of used to do in a million years. At the end of the film, it shows Nemo and Marlin back at school talking to the other fathers. Marlin is telling the same joke that he was telling them at the beginning of the film, but this time he tells the joke accurately and the fathers in fact think the joke is funny. I believe that this joke is a representation and shows the audience of how much Marlin has changed, for the better . Franklin in the Dark” by Paulette Bourgeois is the story of Franklin the turtle who is terrified to sleep in his shell of a night time.

Franklin decides to inquire some different animals whether they can assist Franklin conquer his fear of his shell. All of the animals that Franklin asks don’t know how to assist Franklin’s specific dilemma but they all tell Franklin about the things they’re frightened of. For example when he asked the duck, the duck told him “You see, I’m afraid of very deep water. Sometimes, when nobody is watching, I wear my water wings. When he asked the lion if he could assist with Franklin’s problem the lion responded “you see, I’m afraid of great, loud noises. Sometimes when nobody is looking I wear my earmuffs. ” Bourgeois has used the technique of repetition for almost the same sentence for the response so it’s easier for the younger audience to read and engage in the story.

The second last page of the book tells us how Franklin decided to be courageous and go into his shell. On the final page it said “and then, when nobody was looking, Franklin the turtle turned on his night light. At the end of the book, Franklin realized that everybody is scared of something, his fear was his shell. “Franklin in the Dark” is another related material that has exposed to me that Journeys can create a better version of yourself. And this is because Franklin accepted his flaws. Photograph by Nickelback is a song about looking back on the memories, good and bad. This song is a perfect example for why I believe journeys are best when undertaken with other people. All the way throughout the song, people’s names pop up and he tells particular memories. We used to listen to the radio and sing along with every song we know.

We said one day we’d find out how it feels to sing along to more than just the steering wheel. ” This song also explains how he had a criminal record, but the quote that I just read implies to us that the friends possibly gave him optimism, I believe this is important because he’s now a singer, so the conversations he had with his friends must have had a great impact on him. The rhyming that is used in the song obviously makes it catchy when it’s being sung. Franklin in the dark” is also great in demonstrating that journeys are best when undertaken with other people. I believe that by Franklin going from animal to animal asking about whether they could assist him did surprisingly help. By him doing this, he was able to gain knowledge of the fact that each and every one of the animals had a fear of their own. So this made Franklin grasp that having a fear is normal, and he shouldn’t be embarrassed of his flaws. He wouldn’t have been able to have the conclusion that he did without undergoing the journey with others.

In “Finding Nemo”, After Nemo was captured; his dad started swimming fearfully trying to find him. Whilst doing this, he swims into Dory, A fun loving fish that happens to have short term memory loss. At the closing stages of the film marlin is a entirely different fish and I trust he wouldn’t be as cheerful as he was now if it wasn’t for dory. Dory also learnt that journeys are best when undergone with other people for the reason that Marlin was the first person that she had actually got to spend time with in an extended amount of time.

A scene that relates back to my argument, which is that journeys are best when undergone with other people, is one near to the end when Marlin thinks that Nemo is dead. Marlin is in a bad state of mind and pretty much tells dory that this was the end. Dory tells Marlin not to go, “I remember things better with you” “I look at you and I’m home” The repetition of “P. Sherman 43 wallaby way Sydney” is a big part the movie because that is the line that Dory remembers.

Repetition shows us that it’s a big part of the movies because they want us to remember that line. Marlin was always irritated by Dory throughout the movie; but they made an everlasting friendship by the end. During “Photographs” by Nickelback lines like “I never knew we went without” and “life’s better than it was back then” sends us the message that he didn’t have the best upbringing and perhaps he’s looking back thinking about how he made the best out of his circumstances by spending time with his friends and enjoying his life.

He explains how much he misses his childhood by saying “I miss that town, I miss the faces, you can’t erase, you can’t replace it. ” This sums up my argument, that he misses his childhood and the friendships that he had back then. So this comes back to my final statement that journeys make you think deeply about what your life was like before you started your journey. This statement also applies to finding Nemo. There is a certain scene that demonstrates to me that Journeys can make you think deeply about your life before the journey.

This scene is set inside of a whale’s stomach just after Marlin and Dory have been swallowed by the Whale. They are both hanging on for their lives, and could fall to their deaths at any second. Dory is trying to explain To Marlin that she can speak “whale” but Marlin is getting angrier by the second. He yells “You can’t! You think you can do these things but you just can’t Nemo! ” At that second he stops and stares, realizing what he just said.

I believe straight away after he said that, he realized how hard and negative he has been on Nemo throughout his life. And you could tell from his expression that he felt horrible. I have watched, read and listened to these materials so many times before and haven’t had the chance to look closer to see what the meaning of them all really is. It has been an enjoyable experience because these three related materials really have challenged and enhanced my understanding of Journeys of discovery. Thank you for listening to my speech.

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