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Your introduction is like a signpost at the beginning of a trail. It tells readers where you are going to take them, and what they will see along the way.

As you think about your introduction, ask yourself:

* What is my main idea or thesis? * Who are my readers? What language will I need to use to suit them? * What are the main ideas I will talk about in each paragraph?


The body of the essay moves the reader along toward the destination or goal. It might have one paragraph, but usually it has several. Each paragraph is related to one of the points you want to show the readers along the way. Some points may take more than one paragraph to develop completely. There should be connections and transitions between the points you show the reader.

As you think about the body of your essay, ask yourself:

* What points do I want to make to help my readers understand my idea? * What examples can I use to help the reader understand each point? * What evidence do I have that each point is true?

* How can I keep the reader interested in following my ideas?


The conclusion is the end of the journey. It looks back on the points you have shown the reader, and reinforces, but does not necessarily repeat, the main idea. It also should create a feeling of ending, a farewell to the reader.

As you think about your conclusion, ask yourself:

• How has the reader’s mind been changed by following my points and examples? • What main points do I want to reinforce to make sure the reader understood them? • How do I get the reader to think about my ideas after they have finished reading?

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