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Journal Writing

During this class I have made two self- discoveries that will positively impact my career goals. Those self- discoveries has helped to mold, and shape me into a student that I have never thought I would be. Those discoveries were that I am an organized learner, because I made a study plan to help me determine when, and how I would study. Being that I have five children, I had to make sure that I had set a schedule so that my course work including study time would not affect my family time and take away from spending time with my children and fiance`. Since these are the competing priorities in my life right now learning to obtain trust and consistency in the home while I have been attending school has also improved because not only do I see my success so does my children and fiancé. Knowing that I had that support also has made it possible to do my best in school, setting the pace for them to do the same in school also, whether it be good grades, sports, etc.

I know that they will continue to be good at what they do and have proven to do so time after time. Another self- discovery that I have made that will positively impact my career goals is my willpower. Willpower has become my greatest strength. Being able to control what I do, leaded to personal improvement. I realize that lack of willpower not only causes you to lose focus it also allows you to fail to achieve goals. My ability to resist short-term temptations have helped me to meet some of my long term goals already. There has never been a day that I thought that I could not achieve my goals. I kept a positive mindset just so I could keep going. Negativity takes a lot of willpower from you and I think success is a part of having a positive mindset. Having that determination was not easy at first I can say that, but having that willpower and thinking about my future will positively impact my career goals. Two self-discoveries that I believe will positively impact my personal life, one is my happiness.

If I am not happy there is nothing good that will come out of being unhappy. In my life I noticed that unhappy people wait for something to make them happy. Happy people make themselves happy without hesitation because they choose to have positivity surround them in all areas of their lives. I am that happy person, I do not feel like being unhappy because it drains energy, it drains potential, it sucks the life out of you, and it keeps you from becoming successful. I am happy because I am not afraid of change, I am valued, and I attend school knowing that I am a success story. I learned to create positive changes in my life. In doing so this has made a positive impact on my personal life. My character will also have a positive impact on my life. Knowing who I am, my beliefs, values, and morals.

The clearer I became about what I value and what I believed in the more effective I became not only for me, but for my family, my friends, and my peers. I have this thirst for knowledge and a thirst to make the best out of any situation and this impacts my personal life in so many positive ways because when I know who I am , my children will learn their true identity because they are my children and they share the same DNA. My grandmother use to tell me that I can be different from everyone else and still be blessed and fabulous, and I believed her.So this has played a part in my self- identity. I also had to explore what my heart wanted, so that I could truly identify who I was, the most beautiful thing that could have happened to me was unfolding that I was an excellent mother, a great friend, and a superb student. Knowing these few things lead me to know who I was in the beginning and knowing this has made a positive impact in my personal life.

My biggest take way from this course is keeping a growth mindset and knowing that I always have room for improvement. I want to keep ownership over my learning experience. I am in control of my success. I am able to keep this in mind and always grow with it. This is something that I had to develop because when I was younger I had a fixed mindset I did not want to change because I was set in my ways and it felt like everything I was doing had failed me, so I figured that I would quit trying and give up. One day that change I started thinking of other approaches of how to be better and I used trial and error as a way of figuring out what I needed to do.

So as I was thinking and applying I realized that I had that growth mindset and I have kept it all through the years. While learning about the fixed mindset and growth mindset I gained a better understanding on what life is really about also and I saw the bigger picture. The way I perceived it to be is to noticed that if something is not working right the way you are doing it, then try another way and if that works out better than stick with it, but have fun with it and be creative and then you will be successful that way . Life is about trial and error and never giving up no matter what.

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