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Journal Writing Essay

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Week 1 – Reflective Journal

This was my first day in class for the unit Co Ordinate the Work Environment. Amongst the class mates each one introduced the self to others, and Adrian as a teacher for the unit introduced himself to all of us. Today’s lecture was based on housekeeping and overview of unit outline. I learned about different ways to contribute and practise effective workplace practises. I also learned about different leadership styles. I felt good throughout the class as I was an active participant in all topics.

I felt good about taking on the knowledge about learning and sustaining workplace ethics and self morale. I believe that this knowledge will help during my job times.

Week 2 – Reflective Journal

In today’s session I learned about developing and implementing work plans. The idea behind is to integrate into and build a healthy, trustworthy and reliable relationship with colleagues. I listened the whole session carefully, gave my opinion at right time and respected to the opinion shared by other students.

I also learned about how at a workplace we can maximise the performance and outcomes and yes how can i forget the amazing organisational theories, boring but important. I took proper notes throughout the session and kept myself attentive till the end.

Week 3 – Reflective journal

In this week’s class I learned about implementing various strategies to ensure that the communication in a workplace is effective. I think the information was very necessary to develop my own level of understanding of initiating and sustaining a healthy communication amongst colleagues. I also learned about different ways of resolving the conflicts at the workplace if and when they arise. I personally would always be proactive about it however at any times if i do face any such conflicts then the knowledge that I received today will help a lot.

Week 4 – Reflective Journal

This week Adrian told us about workplace environment in regards of the resistance, different ways to deal with it and how we can bring a change in an organisation. I think this week’s session was very important from the academic perspective but also will help me in future in my carrier. I was active throughout the session. We also talked about the decision making process that takes place in everywhere and i felt good about that how important all this info was.

Week 5 – Reflective Journal

This week’s class was the interesting one because i learned about how important it is to always add on to our existing skills and knowledge by undertaking various training workshops related to same work. It was good to learn that taking such training lessons keeps us synchronised with the latest in the world and that these should not be neglected. Then we were also taught about different ways how we can monitor our own progress and appraisals. I felt this week’s session was very important and the knowledge delivered will help me in future.

Week 6 – Reflective Journal

This week was an important time in class as i had my first assignment for this unit due. The assignment was to make a report on the overview of any organisation related with the same sector. While making the assignment and reflecting on various areas of the organisation i realised that it included mostly a lot of things that we covered in class and i was glad because i already had them in my mind and my notes.

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