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Journal Assignment

The emergence of digital cameras and other technological devices that can be used to capture something, someone, or some place has made painting, for some, a thing of the past. They have forgotten how rich a painting is and how much effort and skill a painter has to put in order to produce a masterpiece. This can be seen through Jackson Pollock’s works, and he now is being considered as “the greatest American painter of the 20th century.”

Pollock was different from other painters in that he uses the floor for support. “Working on the floor gives him room to scramble around the canvas, attacking it from the top, the bottom, or the side.” He believes that doing so allows him to become a part of his painting, which makes the painting more personal to him.

He uses a technique that required him to use enamel and aluminum paint. He also uses whatever he finds near his work including broken glass, nails, cigarette ashes, and even dead insects. After being focused on his work for sometime, he then stops to “get acquainted” and see how the work is progressing. He also does not believe in giving his artwork names because he does not want the public to have a preconceived notion about what a certain work is. He wants the public to have their own understanding of his works.

Due to his skill and creativeness, Jackson Pollock’s works are being sold effortlessly throughout the world by those who appreciate what he does. People are intrigued with his masterpieces and would try hard to decipher what his works are and what they mean. Indeed, Pollock deserves to be named “the greatest American painter of the 20th century,” not just because of how he paints but also because of how the public receives and recognizes his talent.

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