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Joshua Wieleba English 2 Period 3Delgado41919 The Perfect Storm

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Joshua Wieleba English 2 Period 3


4/19/19 The Perfect Storm (Book Report)

Section #1 Bullet point 5 plot points, which spans the course of the story:

1 · The book follows the lives of the crew of the Andrea Gail and their family members before and during the 1991 Perfect Storm.

2 · During the early part of the book, it gives a detailed description of the daily lives of the crew members and their jobs and is centered around activities at the Crow’s Nest, a tavern in Gloucester.

· The setting of the book moves from the shores over to the ocean where the crew begins to argue and doubt their captain. A few days go by and everybody is starting to get along after they have finally gotten their great break.

· After a few days go by the ice makers stops working and the crew is left with two decisions after news about a big storm ahead and one of the decisions are they wait it out and let all of their fish go to waste or go head to head with the storm, they chose the storm.

1 · The later part of the book attempts to reconstruct events at sea during the storm, aboard the Andrea Gail as well as rescue efforts directed at several other ships caught in the storm, including the attempted rescue of pararescuemen who themselves were caught in the storm. The six members of the Andrea Gail were missing, presumed dead. The ship and crew were never found.

3 Section #2 research and you:

The author Sebastian Junger’s motivation for writing the book was that he got thinking that people don’t pay much attention to jobs that are dangerous it would be interesting to write a book about that.

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Once he got the news that this massive storm hitting the Massachusetts coast and how much of it got destroyed and what he saw in Gloucester was overwhelming. He later found out that a Gloucester swordfishing boat had gone down. The Andrea Gail had gone down five hundred miles offshore. 4 They were coming back from a one-month trip to the Grand Banks. 5 This is what motivated him to write this book. (BookBrowse. “Sebastian Junger Author Interview.”,) Books that are similar to The Perfect Storm:

A book that is similar to the perfect storm is Sudden Sea: The Great Hurricane of 1938 which is about a hurricane that inflicts destruction among coastal lands including Long Island, Connecticut, Rhode Island, and Massachusetts and as the hurricane bore down with a fury no one had ever witnessed or imagine the destruction it would bring upon the mainland of the United States.

Section #3:

In late September of 1991, the swordfishing boat Andrea Gail departs the town of Gloucester, Massachusetts with six men aboard, for a month-long fishing trip. In late October, as a powerful storm begins to build in the fishing waters of the North Atlantic. This storm is later called “The perfect storm” by those who suffered the destruction of its rage. The storm is later renamed “The Perfect Storm” by meteorologists, who watched it come together. 1 One of the very last radio transmissions from the Andrea Gail was by the Captain, Billy Tyne saying: 6 “She’s coming on boys, and she’s coming on strong”. Soon after, the Andrea Gail will disappear from the face of the earth.

For Junger to write this book he had to interviews captains from other ships and even Coast Guard personnel, and family members of those lost. He recreates the last days of the crew of the Andrea Gail and their finally moments. Junger also looks at how the development of the Perfect Storm happened, and the three weather systems that spawned it.

During the same storm in nearby waters, several daring rescues took place. The captain and his two-woman crew from the yacht Satori were saved by Coast Guard rescuers. An Air National Guard helicopter failed to refuel and crashed into the ocean and stranded six highly trained jumpers. One of the jumpers died, but the others were saved by the crew of the Tamaroa, a Coast Guard cutter.

3 Section#4 Favorite quotes:

1. 7 “There are houses in Gloucester where grooves have been worn into the floorboards by women pacing past an upstairs window, looking out to sea.” ? Sebastian Junger, The Perfect Storm: 8 A True Story of Men Against the Sea

The reason why I picked this quote is because it tells you or shows how worried families were for their loved one out at sea wondering if there ever going to come back

2. 8 “How do men act on a sinking ship? Do they hold each other? 9 Do they pass around the whiskey? 3 Do they cry?” ? Sebastian Junger, The Perfect Storm: 8 A True Story of Men Against the Sea

I liked the quote because it asks questions that most people don’t have an answer to unless they have been stuck in this position before.

3. 10 “A SOFT fall rain slips down through the trees and the smell of the ocean is so strong that it can almost be licked off the air.” ? Sebastian Junger, The Perfect Storm: 8 A True Story of Men Against the Sea

I picked this quote because it describes the conditions were like and weather during the story.

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