Jonhson Matthey case study analysis teacher guide Essay

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Jonhson Matthey case study analysis teacher guide

Suggested resources & activities related to PEST analysis and Johnson Matthey

  • Full Johnson Matthey case study
    MP3 of the Johnson Matthey case study
    External influences PowerPoint
    Johnson Matthey crossword
    Johnson Matthey word search

Suggested timings for the session

  • 10 mins
    5 mins
    5 mins
    10 mins
    20 mins
    10 mins

Starter e.g. Johnson Matthey crossword
Use the external influences PowerPoint to discuss the topic
Read the case study
Task – mind map
What have you learned?

Answers to questions
1. What does PEST stand for?
PEST stands for:
• Political (includes legal)
• Economic
• Social (includes environmental)
• Technological

2. Describe what is meant by the ‘external business environment’. The external environment refers to those things outside of the operations of an organisation which impact upon it but over which the business has no control.

3. Analyse why PEST analysis is used by firms.

PEST analysis is used by firms to assess the external business environment in which they operate. Managers and directors can then make decisions on their findings. PEST analysis therefore will inform any new objectives being set and the marketing strategy for the firm.

4. Evaluate the impact that the 2008 banking crisis had on Johnson Matthey. The 2008 banking crisis which lead to the recession:
• Meant a fall in demand for its products
• Increased efficiency within the company -reducing the use of natural resources and decrease waste through lean production techniques.
• Efficiencies made the company more sustainable – saving the company money whilst at the same time conserving the planet’s valuable natural resources.

What have you learned?
Expected learning is likely to include:
• Definition of the external business environment
• PEST factors
• Use of PEST analysis to develop marketing strategy
• How firms respond to external factors
• Examples of these factors

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