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Jones Electrical

As we can see from the figures and the information given in the present case, the company is very profitable due to the ambition and well management done by its owner Mr. Jones. In this regard, we can see in “Table 2 in the spreadsheet”, that the company is taking advantage of the 2% discount offered by suppliers saving around $75,000. 00 per year. We have to pay especial attention to the agreement reached with the former Co-owner of the company, Mr. Verden.

This agreement is affecting the cash flow of the company since the interest expenses raises by around $12,000. 0 more per year, this together the financial interest of the Metropolitan’s Bank loan makes that the company needs a larger amount to finance its debts, that by the way regarding the agreement with Verden should not being paid by the company but by Jones personal income since this agreement was not reached between the company and Verden but between Verden and Jones. Furthermore, we are assuming that the company is paying this agreement since the Metropolitan’s interest rate if not will be of 12,45% per year which it seems to be very high for a bank of this kind.

See Table 3 On the other hand, we have see that other and perhaps the most important factor making the company running out of cash is the fact that Jones uses to pay the invoices within 10 days so he can take advantage of the 2% discount instead of waiting the net payment due in 30 days while his accounts receivables are paid in average every 42 days. It is not necessary to explain what paying around hundred suppliers every 10 days represent to cash flows if the company is receiving payments every 42 days, this means that the company pays 4 times at 1 time receiving.

This is, for sure, the main reason why the company is losing liquidity and need to borrow money to banks. See Table 5. Furthermore, we can see that the average rotation on accounts payables is 22 days as we can see from Table 10, this breaks the balance between the account receivables and accounts payables, this means that the company need to finance the difference (in this case 20 days approx. ) of working capital and the only way to finance it is through the company’s operations, by shareholders or with external resources which in the present case is through a bank loan.

It would be also interesting to see what it the company’s financing policy on accounts receivables, this means what discount the company gives to its buyers and compare it with the discounts it receives from suppliers. Finally in order to overcome this situation the company need to review its financing policy and reduce the finance it gives to its clients so the rotation in accounts receivables period approaches to the rotation on accounts payables and thus correct the difference of approximately 20 days that is making the company look for further financing in external sources. . – Is Jones’s estimated that a $350,000. 00 line of credit is sufficient for 2007 accurate? From my point of view it seems to be accurate for the year of 2007.

This answer is based of the calculation on working capital (see Table 8) and even stressing the methods used to calculate it, such as through the net operating working capital, which takes only into account the ways that the company has to generate cash and it most liquid debts, it means inventory, account receivables and account payables, we found that the figures were much better. See Table 11) On the other hand, if we take a look to the liquidity ratio (see Table 9) we found that the company’s ratio is above minimum relation required which is 1:1, this means that the company is producing enough cash to pay its debts. Nevertheless, as we said before, there a disparity in the financing policy of the company regarding the recovery period (account receivables) and the rotation on payables accounts that makes that the company requires external financing despite of having excellent numbers on the paper.

Finally, I consider that the new credit line will be enough to pay the former credit with Metropolitan bank and there will still be $100 thousands dollars available that can be used by the company along the year since the restriction imposed by the bank are meet as we can see in Table 4 besides the company will be receiving payments during the year that will allow it to cover its debts and take advantage of the supplier discounts. Nevertheless, I insist in the fact that the company should revise its financing policy and the rotation of account receivables. . – What will happen to Jones’s financing needs beyond 2007? The financial needs of Jones Electrical will increase unless they change their policy on financing buyers while paying faster to their suppliers. This in deed is what is making that the company requires additional founds. On the other hand, the company has been growing constantly. In deed, according to the net income estimation for 2007 (see Table 7) the company increases its profits $25 thousand dollars more than the previous year.

This is an evidence of how the company is been management and of its willing to grow year after year. Nevertheless, the first quarter of 2007 the working capital only has increased by $7 thousand dollars, which is the difference between the current assets and current liabilities but the importance of this is that according to the rotation on receivables and payable accounts, shown in Table 5 and 10, leads us to the conclusion that the company will have to pay its suppliers twice before it enters a single dime from its buyers.

This clearly is the only reason and explanation to the question arose at the beginning of this analysis: “Why this profitable company needs a bank loan? ” and the answer is found in tables 5 and 10, which is traduced into “an inadequate financing policy regarding receivables and payables accounts”. Finally, as a conclusion we can say that the company will still be needing more and more external resources to finance its buyers purchases due a inadequate financing policy that provoke unbalance in the requirements of working capital.

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