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Joint Venture in China

IN CHINA INTRODUCTION XYZ Limited deals in the manufacture and sale of various food products as well as other home products. Owing to sound management practices the company has made a breakthrough, manufacturing and selling a wide range of high quality products. Because it wants to capture a wide market, it has decided to enter… View Article

Joint Venture

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Entering a Joint Venture Entering a joint venture is a complex, and sometimes, time consuming process. As any type business structure, it holds a good opportunity for anyone to grow and make money fast; but just like any other business type, joint venture also holds threat to anyone who wants… View Article

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When and how did Danone expand into the Chinese market? What problems did Danone Group encounter while operating in China? From the case, Danone expand into Chinese market in the late 1980s. However, Danone faced challenges in China due to lack of market knowledge. In 2000, Danone purchased Robust, the then-second largest company in the… View Article