Joint Essay Topics

Joint Venture

Joint Venture is a basically a mutual agreement between two companies or more to work together towards achieving a common aim, which is usually economic progress. To attain this goal, the members of the joint venture invest expertise, capital, time and equity to form a separate entity. The terms and conditions of the joint venture… View Article

Principles on which vicarious liability is based

The doctrine of vicarious liability is based on principles which can be summed up in the following two maxims : (a) Qui facit per alium facit per se :- The maxim means, ‘he who acts through another is deemed in deemed in law as doing it himself’. The master’s responsibility for the servant’s act had… View Article

A&P 1 chapter 8 study guide

1)What is a joint? Functional junctions between bones 2)How are joints classified? Structurally: fibrous, cartilaginous, synovial Functionally: immovable, slightly moveable, freely moveable 3)Describe the 3 types of fibrous joints. •Syndemosis: sheet or bundle of dense connective tissue •Sutures: only between flat bones of skull •Gomphosis: binds teeth to bony sockets 4)What is the function of… View Article