John’s Termination Essay

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John’s Termination

This paper is about Mr. John who has been terminated by his boss and the reason behind this termination was the unsatisfactory standard of work that he did. This was really surprising for John as no one had ever objected about the work he did and so he was taken aback when he came to know about the termination. However, it was not entirely the fault of John as he had never been corrected before due to which he did not know about his mistakes. It is always wise for the management to opt for certain steps prior to the termination and even after the termination as it can have adverse affects on the other employees working in the organization.

Before terminating John, it was the duty of the management to inform and to warn him about his performance at work as it is not ethical to terminate him in this way. Since the time an employee is hired, it is the responsibility of the human resource department of an organization to look after the employees. Firstly, they must conduct an effective recruitment process and securitizing of employees should be done carefully so that the employee is able to meet the expectations of the job.

Once the employee is hired, proper training must be provided, however still if any employee is not capable he should first be warned and should be asked to improve but if he does not show any progress, he must be transferred to some other department or must be given some other job that suits his qualification and experience as termination should always be the last option for the management to opt for. The reason behind this is that termination always leaves a negative impact not just on the employee who has been terminated but on the existing employees as well as they might fear that even they can also be terminated in future. (Leat, 2001).

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