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World is Amazing
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Words fascinate me. The way in which something so simple yet incredibly manifest can intertwine with others of its kind to form a medium of expression has always had me immersed in profound thoughts. It perplexes me to contemplate how the very tongue or text that is able to lure one through its sweet and simply enchanting words is also able to leave scars deeper than the depth of the world's greatest oceans. This art as I describe it inhibits…...
Johnny Got His GunWorld
Imagery in Johnny Got His Gun and Cry, the Beloved Country
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We all have wished to change something in our lives. Everything would be perfect if we could control what happens in the world. However, we know that life offers us no choice but to accept changes that occur in life. Therefore, we grieve at piteous downfalls but rejoice great transformations. Trumbo and Paton efficiently depict changes that their main characters encounter in life. Trumbo and Paton use imagery to show positive and negative changes throughout the lives of their main…...
Beloved CountryCry the beloved countryImageryJohnny Got His Gun
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