John McCain and Hillary Clinton: On the issues Essay

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John McCain and Hillary Clinton: On the issues

With the presidential election closing in, there is a very real possibility that John McCain and Hillary Clinton will be the candidates who face off in the battle for the White House. In casting a vote, Americans will be determining the future of our country. Therefore, it is imperative that voters are well informed of the candidates’ views on the issues that will surely affect us all. McCain and Clinton have vastly different views in many of these issues, while on others their views are quite similar.

Clinton desperately wants to take America in a new direction, addressing our economic crisis, and protecting us from outside enemies. She feels strongly in the need to pull our troops out of Iraq, planning to begin the withdraw as soon as she is in office. In Iran, she wants to talk peacefully and settle the issue by compromise. Clinton also wishes to create a universal healthcare system and limit the sale of guns by making it more difficult to purchase them. She is pro abortion, pro civil union, and urges a minimum wage increase.

Finally, Clinton supports stem cell research and wants to lift the restrictions set in place by George Bush. McCain on the other hand, is not so consumed with the idea of change. Rather he wants to run our country with a common sense, conservative approach. Unlike Clinton, he supports the war in Iraq. He shares the view of George Bush, and actually wants to send more troops to Iraq than Bush recommends. Regarding Iran, McCain wants to use pressure to solve the nuclear issue. Rather than a discussion, he wants to force Iran to stop.

Also unlike Clinton, McCain does not believe in the need for a universal healthcare system, and he strongly disagrees with gun control. He is very assertive in his belief that the government should protect our second amendment right to bear arms. McCain is anti abortion, anti civil union, although he wishes to leave the issue up to the states, and does not support a minimum wage increase. Finally, while he supports stem cell research, he wants to keep the ban in place, restricting research on fetuses.

Even though the two feel extremely different about the majority of the issues, there are a few for which they share similar views. The first of which is education. Both support No Child Left Behind, and both stress the importance of raising a new generation of educated and competent Americans. McCain and Clinton also both believe that global warming is an important issue. Each has a plan at combating the environmental crisis, from decreasing carbon emissions to supporting research on alternative fuels.

Finally, both feel the need for social security reform. However, McCain supports the idea of privatizing a portion into individually managed accounts, and Clinton does not. John McCain and Hillary Clinton most definitely have very different ideas about the way that our country should be led. Although, while they disagree on the majority of issues, there are a few that they feel similar about. One thing is for sure, both candidates want what is best for America, even though they feel differently about what will make our country the best that it can be.

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