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John Locke helped create Modern Democracy Essay

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John Locke was an English philosopher and was considered as the first British Empiricists. His contributions proved great importance to the development of epistemology and political philosophy during those times, and is regarded as the most influential thinker to contribute to the liberal theory of government. As a whole, John Locke’s importance is reflected by the American Declaration of Independence, since men by nature is free and equal, discarding the thought about having a monarch, as everyone is entitled to become a monarch.

It was through John Locke’s theories that people’s eyes were opened to the reality, the fact that all of us are born free. John Locke viewed and claimed that men are naturally free and equal, versus the notion that God appointed a monarch to rule over other people. Some of the things that Locke fought for were the people’s basic rights, including the right to life, liberty, and property – these concerns became the basic foundations of laws in any particular society today (Tuckness).

Looking closely at the implication of what John Locke has fought for, it is more of establishing a concrete grounding which can be used as basis of other rules and laws that you prepare. In the context of establishing a government, John Locke used the claim that men are naturally free and equal in order to justify the understanding regarding the legitimacy of a political government which is the outcome of a social contract that regards the people as the major stakeholders, and that the government will be established to ensure the stability, comfort and enjoyment of these people’s lives, liberty and property.

In short, the government, though privileged to preside over the people, still rests on popular consent, and people are entitled to rebel if they see that the government is subversive of what they stand for – the protection of life, liberty and property (Tuckness). Governments, just like what we have today, exist by the consent of the people under the jurisdiction of that government. Their main purpose according to Locke is to protect these people’s rights, as well as promote public good.

In relation to this, those governments who are unable to function accordingly can be resisted by the people and e replace with new governments (Blupete. com). Though nowadays it would surely undergo a very long process to replace a current government, people still have the power to pursue these measures if the need be. Locke advocated majority rule, something which is similar to the current democracy that we have today. Modern democracy as we see today can be greatly associated with what John Locke has helped establish and defended many years ago.

The purpose is people empowerment, the realization of the people’s rights and fighting to preserve these rights against violators. This has led to the creation of the democratic government that we have today, and through this type of government, we live a free and equal lives, without oppression from other people, as well as injustice in the things we do. We see the democratic government not only as a ruling body in the society but also a guard that would keep watch of out precious inalienable rights as citizens of this country and as human beings.

We have instated a higher ruling body to do a set of purpose, and if it doesn’t, it is our responsibility to tear it down and replace it with the ones which are more appropriate and more deserving of the position. It is not the government that runs the people, but instead, it’s the people that run the government.

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