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John leo

In John Leo’s article, “No books, please; we’re students’’, Leo discusses the issues with current college students and their lack of drive and ambition. Leo provides his readers with a multitude of statics and example why he feels college students have become lazy and disengaged.

Leo introduces his readers using a survey from UCLA’s Higher Education Research Institute stating, “Only 35 percent of students said they spent six or more hours a week studying or doing homework during their senior year in high school; down from 43.7 percent 1987.’’ John Leo’s article claims that college students are losing an interest and enthusiasm for college.

John Leo fills his article with statics and quotes from professors and teachers complaining about the lack of will power student have. “ The real problem is students who won’t study,’’ wrote a Penn rSate Professor in the article. Leo also stated” disengaged rudeness” was the common attitude.” Leo’s article slams today’s college students on many levels. Leo’s article uses terms such as, disengaged, ignorant, and “inarticulate” to describe college students in today’s society.

Leo clearly support his arguments and options with actual quotes from professors but I do not agree with his approach nor his arguments. Being a college students is not only about reading books and is definitely not only about students. There are plenty of professors that clearly don’t care or don’t like their jobs. Students can tell if a professor is passionate about a subject just like a professor can tell if a student is truly lazy or just struggling with the subject.

Assumptions are being made on college students through Leo’s arguments. Leo did not thoroughly look into his students because his arguments are one sided. Leo does not provide his readers with the pros and cons, only the negative light is shed on how students learn or lack there of.

John Leo’s article, “No books, Please; we’re students’’ targets today’s college students and negativity shows one side of a student’s life. Leo uses statistics and quotes from an array of professors to show the lack of interest college students show in today’s society but his approach is extremely one sided and not thoroughly executed. More research and quotes from multiple views should have been provided.

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