John Corvino and Glenn Stanton on Same Sex Marriage Essay

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John Corvino and Glenn Stanton on Same Sex Marriage

Same sex relationships have been a controversial issue now in 21st century and marriage is coming along the way. In the United States, when the issue of same sex marriage was brought up, many homosexuals are in a hurry to marry and become actual parents with legislative support but many states banned it. As a result, numerous gay activists and supporters battle in a debate for same sex marriage. John Corvino, gay activist, and Glenn Stanton, researcher and staff of Focus on the Family, have been travelling in the country and passionately fighting for the acceptance of gay marriage and parenting.

In John Corvino’s Same Sex: Debating the Ethics, Science and Culture of Homosexuality, he presented different views from theologians, scientists, philosophers, historians, and lesbian and gay scholars. He showed a bigger picture of what is homosexuality, what is its history, and what are the factors that influence or hindrance it. In one of the chapters under Science and Identity, the possible biological origins of homosexuality are explained. Sexual orientation, as many argued is affected by biological foundations but is not merely determined by it but also but experiential factors.

Many studies have implied results that some individuals are born with homosexual brains while others’ sexuality is later modified through experience. However, being homosexual should not about the lack of choice or heredity but of gay and lesbian rights in key areas: justice, privacy, equality, and liberty (Corvino 111). On Marriage on Trial: The Case Against Same Sex Marriage and Parenting, Glenn Stanton together with Bill Maier—another staff of Focus on the Family and also a child and family psychologist presented a strong argument on why same sex marriage should be allowed as a right for homosexuals.

The two authors specifically designed the book as “equipping manual” or a defence toll to enable gays and lesbians in responding and reasoning to defend same-sex marriage (Stanton and Maier 9). The manual provided “accurate information” about homosexuality on how to answer the questions that may gay people are looking for. Questions such as “What’s wrong with letting homosexuals marry? ,” “How would homosexuals threaten other families? ,” and “Wouldn’t gay marriage make for a more open and equitable society?

” are aimed to answer and guide same-sex couples into fighting for their right and actually having their families by understanding the nature of homosexuality first and by learning its historical evidences. Both authors fight for the same cause but used different attacks. Corvino presented a more wide and critical information through science and ethics without mixing the two. Although many studies revealed that sexuality is developed by genetics or experience, it is still an inconclusive matter since no one has ever seen how sexual orientation is represented on the brain.

Corvino provided its readers such integrity, passion, and rationality by not mixing science and religion or to simply conclude that gays and lesbians become who they are due to violence they experience from gay community. Its approach to same sex marriage is not limited to debate and arguments by wide array of information such as its history, psychology, family, religion, and legality. Stanton, on the other hand, encourages and empowers gays and lesbians to fight for same-sex marriage not merely because they want to but because it is their right to marry and have a family as human beings.

He gave sound political statements that could uplift the spirit of its readers and he also debunked the numerous myths about gays such as genetics, lifestyle, and threats. Both authors have provided arguments that are strong and critical assessment of sex-marriage and homosexuality without overly becoming biased on gays and lesbians. Works Cited Corvino, John. Same Sex: Debating the Ethics, Science and Culture of Homosexuality. Rowman and Littlefield, 1999. Stanton, Glenn and Maier, Bill. Marriage on Trial: The Case Against Same Sex Marriage and Parenting. InterVarsity Press, 2004.

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