John Collier “Back for Christmas”

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The text “Back for Christmas” by John Collier is written in a style of fiction. The story is about farewell party to the doctor Carpenter and his wife.

In the beginning of the text we can see the Carpenters’ living room that was filled with the close friends who had come to say “last-minute farewell” – the author used this epithet to show us that their friends would be missing him very much.

On the contrary with his wife doctor Carpenter wasn’t sure he would come in time, he thought smth could spoil his plans.

But his wife “beaming at them” said he would be back in England for Christmas. The metaphor is used to reassure everybody to make them believe in this.

So, the farewells began. Mrs Carpenter tried her best to make all the arrangements on the high level and to prove it the author used such epithet as: “fluting of compliments” and “marvelous arrangements”.

Carpenters were going to drive to Southampton that evening and would embark the following day.

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They have chosen this kind of transport for more comfortable travelling without any bustle. And to emphasize it the author the used the repetition “No trains, no bustle, no last minute worries”.

So doctor Carpenter has contracted for lecture only three months and certainly he would be a great success in America. His wife Hermione has just tagged a long him to have some entertainment’s to see the big cities skyscrapers.

Then the author uses repetitions “No extensions.

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No wonderful post…” that show us that his infirmary needs him.

After the farewell dinner the maids washed up all the plates, come in to say goodbye and were in time to catch the afternoon bus to Devizes.

So, to my mind, the main idea of the text – east or west home is the best.

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