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Johann de Lange


Not the plump plenty

of the peninsula: fruit

sun-preserved & bugle-round, evaginated,

the deep, sink-in-green of lawn

or the colourul conversations

of flowerbeds all year long

with small variations

on the four seasons. No,

here everything is stingier: purple

sour figs, pomegranates, & quinces

share their sweetness more thriftily:

not a juicy cloying sweetness,

but tougher, more precious,

perfectly suited to the softness of the surf/salty surf.


Under your soles continually sand

& a brittle, crackling carpet

of kindling, leafs, seed husks, bark.

Sunnyside with shale & reef

blanched & shimmering, wherever there’s grasp space

thick green fingers of succulents cling:

Every summer the fynbos burns down

to blackened ash inking in drizzling winter rain;

in spring the mountain side alights,

a green fire budding from knots & twigs.

I am beholden to this sustained silence

of rocks, the stubbornness of stone;

I yearn for a glittering isolation,

chiselled by wind & ocean, hardy, m?ne.

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(Tr. by Johann de Lange)




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