Jobs on Human Resource and Criminal Justice Essay

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Jobs on Human Resource and Criminal Justice

There are a lot of jobs in Human Resource field. A job website shows fifty human resource jobs in New York, forty one in Atlanta, thirty nine in Houston, thirty five in Dallas, thirty one in Chicago, twenty two in Los Angeles, twenty in San Jose, twenty in Austin, and other around one hundred and twenty nine in other areas.

There are different positions which are in demand and few of these are HR Administrative and HR Administrative Assistant in Le Parker Meridien, Human Resource Administrator in Bloomingdale’s, Human Resource Generalist in Advertising in Towne Search, Corporate Employee Benefits Specialist in Riddick Group-Executive, Business Office Manager, Human Resource Generalist in Impact Personnel,Inc, Payroll Administrator and HR Associate, HR Business partner, Human Resource Development, Time Attendance Administrator, Compensation and HRIS, Director Human Resource, Talent Representative, Attorney Recruiting Project Assistant, Global HR and Tech, International Compensation Manager, Employment Standards Relationship Manager, Benefits Coordinator, HR Operations Manager, Senior Implementation Manager, HRIS Analyst, Recruitment and Retention Coordinator, Director of Fun,

HR is one of the most important functions in an organization and it needs to perform very carefully so that every decision taken is fair and transparent. The responsibility of HR is to make the employees comfortable and the work place an ideal one for them. The greater the efficiency of the human resources department, the better the workplace environment and the employee motivation to work in the organization (Robbins & Judge, 2004). Criminal Justice Job vacancies are also in the market but relatively less in number than HR jobs. There are approximately fifty one jobs available in UK, five in Wales, one in Scotland, forty two in England, four in Yorkshire and Humberside, two in East Midlands, twenty five in Greater London, two in East of England and five in South East.

There is City Attorney position in, Madison Alabama, victim or witness coordinator in Hudson Wisconsin, Assistant County Attorney in Los Alamos New Mexico, and Police Officer in Madison Wisconsin. Other vacant position include Communications Officer paid approximately ? 15 to 16 per hour, Social Worker for a youth offending team paid ? 19 to 23 per hour, Probation Officer paid approximately ? 25 per hour, Secretary General in International Commission of Jurists, Counter Fraud Specialist, Probation Prosecutor, Domestic Violence trainer, Senior Consultants and many more. But the popular one and one with most number of vacancies is Youth Offending Team. Apart from YOT a lot of Social Workers are required in the market to intervene and prevent crime.

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