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Millions of workers have lost their jobs due to downsizing. At the same time, many organizations are complaining that they cannot find qualified people to fill vacancies. How do you explain this apparent contradiction? A recent news came out dated June 6, 2013 by Reuters that Philippines’ jobless rate stood at 7. 5% in April, the highest in three (3) years according to the National Statistics Office (NSO). Philippines is said to be the Southeast Asian country with the highest rate of unemployment even the fastest growing economy – a jobless growth indeed.

Downsizing strategy is common nowadays in business sectors and firms. This is to improve the financial performance of the firms by reducing the cost they invested in human resources, increase productivity to whom that is left and increase the speed of decision-making by reducing the layers of management and becoming closer to the customers. A lot of workers were affected due to downsizing. Moreover, not to affect the overall performance of the business, workers that is left must be the best ones.

These are the people that are capable in doing the job, not only to fill the vacancies but have contributed well enough to the business, functioned well or even exceeded the job expectations from them. Working experience and educational background helps this people to be more competitive compared to others. This, I termed as the “qualified people”. They are the effective ones. Business sectors are keeping them. These people are their aces. They are the organizations’ apple of the eyes.

That is why they are hard to find. Few are considered “qualified people”. Millions of people maybe looking for jobs but are not qualified. It is because these people, considering the poverty growth in the population, they work practically for money. Self-improvement may only be a secondary reason which includes behavior towards work, leadership skills, quality work and the like. On the other hand, qualified people prioritize self-improvement, and, in turn, money comes naturally.

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