Job rotation in the Philippines Essay

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Job rotation in the Philippines

The research investigates the employment transition of new graduates from HEI’s of Batangas. The employment success of graduates was measured in terms of the companies’ reasons for hiring and skills that the new graduate applicants supposed to possess so they will fit for employment. The researcher used the contributions of 12 Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) of Batangas. Data were obtained from 106 human resource officers and unit heads from 61 business establishments in the cities of Lipa, Tanauan and Batangas. This study focuses on the employment transitions of new graduates to the labor market. What do we already know about the immediate area of concern? It was perceived that universities where students graduated from greatly influenced their employment success. The institution that established a reputation in terms of high quality of education is often believed to produce students that will most likely get hired than other students with unpopular schools.

Also, the behavior of the applicant as a student is shown from school rankings. Good grades are important because employers may think it has an effect on the future work performances of an employee. The human resource department gives examinations with questions about general information or questions related to the vacant positions to be filled up in order to measure the knowledge and characteristics of an applicant that could lead them toward employment success. Applicants were interviewed for clarifications of information or for recovering pertinent data about their applications that could help the hiring officers on their employment decisions. (What’s more important than the other? What gives more impact in the hiring process? Is having good grades or graduating from a popular university affects hiring status more that the exams or interviews an applicant has to go through before getting hired?)

What are the characteristics of the key concepts and variables? Credentials. The labor market is consistent with asking for formal credentials as a requirement for the new graduate applicants. However, according to this research, results of the formulated questionnaires show that it is not an indicator of employment success. Credentials is just a mere requirement but not used as a tool for hiring and selection process. It is important to be presented and the applicant may have good academic performance but the information it contained, according to the respondents are yet to be verified if it reflects the employee’s future working performances. Higher Education Institutions or (HEI) Reputation.

An institution that maintains a good reputation in terms of giving quality education produce students that has higher chance of getting employment success as the result of this research suggest and answers were given by the respondents from different labor market Human Resources officers or representatives. The research also proves that some companies are bias in hiring the graduates of a certain institution if there is an available position. This suggests that graduates from other HEI’s have a lower chance of getting hired. Higher Education Institutions or (HEI) Quality Assurance and Accreditation. The good reputation established by an HEI is also assisted by the quality assurance and accreditation examined and verified by external firms which may be local or international. Although reputation suggests a higher consistency as confirmed by the labor market of Batangas, it is certain that efforts in accreditation should be implemented by the HEI’s because it helps them attain a distinct reputation which will give their graduates equal chance on getting hired. Employee Selection Process.

Efforts on assessing job relevant characteristics were instigated by the HR’s during the hiring and selection process. They make use of tools such as examinations and interviews to further assess the applicants’ knowledge, capabilities and characteristics to get employed or be selected for a certain job position. According to the research, the labor market is highly consistent with selecting employees with desirable personality as suggests by the result in interviews implemented. Employment Success or Selection for a certain Job Position.

The employment success doesn’t prove the new graduate applicants’ satisfaction with their entry in the labor market. They may be hired but some of the new graduates complain about their underemployment. According to the research, employers use tools such as examination and interviews as well as look upon the reputation of the schools in terms of accreditation to hire new employees. However, in the selection process the employers would most likely designate the employees to their job positions by using their credentials.

What are the relationship between key variables, concepts and factors? The research aims to investigate the employment transitions by measuring the employment success, failure to get employed and underemployment based on the procedures or tools used by employers. The study shows that to attain possible employment success, a new graduate should be from a school with good reputation in terms of quality assurance. Another important factor is to pass the exam and interviews given by the HR or hiring officers. Credentials also played an important role although it needs t be verified and it may not be an indicator of employment success but employers used to designate employees to job positions.

What are the existing theories, inconsistencies, shortcomings in our knowledge and understanding? The researcher used the social structure theories of middle range: the screening, credentialism and status construction theory. The over emphasis on credentials is not of great importance in employment success as emphasized on the study but it can’t be prematurely concluded since the local where the study is conducted is only limited in Batangas. How about the business districts in Manila (eg: Makati)? Some graduates of the HEI’s in Batangas may apply in Manila or other business districts. Some applicants of companies in Batangas may have been graduated from schools in Manila or other places.

What evidence is lacking, inconclusive, contradictory or limited? The quality of education is only measured using two factors: the reputation and accreditation. The research is not able to provide the evidence regarding the career landing of the new graduates from specific HEI that will prove the discrimination or the bias in hiring. The study did not focus on the employment success but also looks upon the failure to get hired and the underemployment, which were both lacking evidences.

Why do we need to study the research problem?

Literature provided by the researcher shows that although it was said that there is a shortage of employees in terms of job vacancies in the business industries and lack of competitiveness of the employees, ironically, there is a complain on being under employed. Also, literature regarding employee transition is deficient with empirical evidences.

What contribution can the present study are expected to make? The study will help the education investors such as the parents or guardians of the students realize the importance of assessing institutions that will give them appropriate returns in the future. This research will also help the government sector in charge with the control and improvement of education industry make modification and enhancements with regards of quality assurance that would give graduates of different HEI’s equally opportunities in getting hired.

What research method seems unsatisfactory?

The research gave questionnaires with only 106 out of 200 were retrieved and completed. It is not stated whether the questionnaire floated has 1:1 ration with the companies in Batangas. The employees of the same company could answer the questionnaire, and if there were a difference in their answers, how would it reflect the hiring and selection process of the company as a whole?

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