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Job roles at Tescos Essay

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A Director is also sometimes known as chief executive officer. CEO are the main “bosses” of PLC’s-Public limited Companies- The title reflects his or her role as both a member of the Board of Directors but also as the senior manager.

In large Companies, including investment banks and other financial institutions, “Director/Managing Director” does not refer to the chief executive but can rather refer to the head of a major business unit.

Even though it is known as CEO in some cases, companies prefer the term Director or Managing Director.

The responsibility and the role of a CEO is to make sure the company is functioning properly financially. They are the main people who give instructions to employee’s lower status to them. The Directors are the face of the business. They have a huge responsibility as if the company becomes corrupt or bankrupt this will be due to the director not making correct choices.

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A Managing Director usually has job security because the board rely on them to keep the company running correctly, if the board decides to fire the director it would be really difficult to find a replacement quickly, therefore it would cost the company quite a lot of money. Because of this usually the job of a CEO is secured.

Typical day to day jobs of a Managing Director range from making strategic planning to dealing with customers. Skills, qualifications and personal qualities needed to be a Managing director range from University level degree to peer to peer skills in order for them to communicate accordingly with customers.

Managing director are highly appreciated for their work, therefore are paid quite large amounts of salaries, these salary begin from �65,000 and can lead up to �500,000. The benefit of a CEO is that they get paid bonuses in the end if they are PLC Company. These bonuses range from 50%+ of the original salary.

The CEO/Managing Director of Tesco’s is Terry Leahy. The role and day to day jobs of Terry include making final decisions on things like if Tesco’s wants to create more branches or close down branches. Mr Leahy might also be involved into making decisions such as if Tesco as a whole want a redecoration or they want a new logo. Again Terry Leahy is the face Tesco; he reflects the popularity of Tesco.


Tesco’s operative’s key responsibilities are to offer customer service for their customers. For example, if they are a cashier they will offer customer service when the customers buy products from the till, where as if the they are a shelf stacker they may help customers who are looking for a specific product or give them advice about particular products they might be interested in.

A Tesco operative isn’t considered usually as a secure job. The reason being, to be an operative you don’t require a lot of skills, because of this it means that a large amount of people fit this criteria, therefore Tesco’s wouldn’t hesitate to quickly fire the operative as they would have a handful of people to select the new operative from. Tesco also likes to employ their operatives on temporary contracts. This means that by law it is easy for Tesco to get rid of the employee. The only way a Tesco’s operative could get a little bit of security would be if they sign a permanent contract. This means that it would be legally much harder for the company-Tesco- to fire the operative. Usually an operative wouldn’t be offered a permanent contract without previously completing a temporary contract.

The basic skills that a operative will need is ranged from good communication skills, and to have basic English and maths skills, also on top of these educational skill they will also need a common sense and a sense of humour. They will need to be organised and well presented. No degree is usually needed to qualify as an operative, but obviously a GCSE will be taken as a good factor.

The wages of an operative usually ranges from minimum to around �7 an hour. Operatives are rarely paid their salaries in a yearly basis. Benefits which affect a Tesco’s operative would be things like a certain amount discount on the companies products, the operative would also be entitled to around about 4-5 weeks paid holiday per year.


The managers, of a branch of Tesco’s have important responsibilities. These range from ensuring that their operatives and supervisors are working to their full potential and that the department or the store is meeting their day to day targets. For example an overall Tesco store manager will have much more responsibilities than for example a meat department manager. The tasks of a Tesco’s store manager would range from ensuring if for example the meat department has enough supplies for the week, or if bakery departments needs more flour to bake bread, the manager might need to arrange the sources.

The managers at Tesco’s usually have a stable and secure job. This is explained because to apply for a position like a manager, you will need either have a lot of experience working for Tesco, or another supermarket, or will need to have degrees at a higher level of education. Usually managers of Tesco’s have worked their way up from starting at a lower place like an Operative, and through years of experience they reach the managers position. However reaching a managers position this way is very difficult as it takes a lot of patience and hard work. The other way of getting a job as a manager of Tesco’s, might be to get a business masters degree, although again, this takes a few years of studying in university, and there is only a small range of people who have these type of qualifications in the labour market.

The role of the manager of Tesco’s is very different to the job role of an operative. The job of a manager requires a large range of skill; as they will have many decisions to make and problems to conquer. The store manager of a certain branch of Tesco’s might need to make decisions from such as if they need to fire a certain employee at that branch to decide whether or not to change the layout of the Tesco. Another serious problem a manager will be facing would be deciding how to react with the complaints of the stores customers. As you can see the manager has a large amount of responsibility when it comes to decision making, this is why either experience or qualifications is a must, so the person makes the correct decision.

The skills which a manager of a supermarket will need will range from good communications skills-in orders to deal upfront with customer’s complaints- to being a proven leader, a motivator in order to lead his or her employees to complete the aims of Tesco the fastest and most efficient way. They need to be able to do independent work, to be organised, committed and hardworking. A sense of humour is also a skill which they need; this comes in handy with the communication with the customers, and is a big asset in solving day to day problems, such as complaints.

As a standard procedure, benefits come with the job of being a manager. These benefits are much better than the benefits of a standard operative. Managers are paid in a annual salary-per annum. The amount will vary on the size of the store of Tesco, for example if it’s a Tesco express not a standard big Tesco and the amount of qualifications the individual has. The amount ranges from �20,000-�35,000. The contract of a manager may state that they are contracted to work 40 hours per week, and this is all they will be paid for, however they may find themselves working longer hours then problems might occur. The benefits of a manager include larger discounts on Tesco’s products compare to operatives, and unlike the 4-5 weeks of paid holiday for operative, the managers will get 5-6 weeks of paid holidays per year.


A contract of employment is a contract binding under the law of United Kingdom, between the employee and the employer-Tesco’s- stating the terms and conditions of the employment.

Explanation of sales operatives contract of employment


A sales assistant is paid just above minimum wage, at �6.50 per hours. A salary is a form of a periodic payment from an employer to an employee, which is specified in the contract of employment, while the wage is a payment for a certain unit of labour for a certain unit of time.

The reason for such a small wage for a sales assistant is because this doesn’t require a lot of experience and qualifications, in fact if you can count its enough to be a sales assistant.

Date paid:

A sales assistant salary day is usually paid monthly, and during the end of the month and is important because this is the day they receive payment for the service which they have provided.

Hours of Work:

Sales assistant work for around 40 hours a week, over a 5 day period which

Name of the contracted parties:

This is where the employer and the employee are named with there addresses

Starting date of the employee:

This is the date of which the employee has begun working at Tesco’s.

Job title and description:

This is one of the most important sections in the contract, due to the fact that this is the bit where it is fully described on what the employee has to do, and what fits into their jobs guidelines.

Address of workplace:

This is the section where it clearly states the address of the place the employee will be working every day, and where they should go to every morning.

Holiday entitlement:

This is the section where it states how much holidays an employee is allowed. Usually for a sales operative on average its 4 weeks (20 days) of paid holiday per year. And every year after the first year an amount of 1 day is added to the paid holidays.

Sickness entitlement:

Contractual sick pay: the employee will receive their normal salary for a period of 4 weeks, in any 12 month period where a doctor’s certificate is produced after 7 consecutive days of sickness. Payments will be less statutory sick pay and any social security’s benefit due to the employee. So the sales operative would only be allowed to take 7 sick days off without a doctor’s note.

Devoting full time to the company:

This shows that the sales operative will need to devote their full attention to their job when they are at work. They are not allowed to spend any time phoning friends, or furthering other business interest at a time which Tesco is paying them.

Reimburse of expenses:

If a Tesco’s employee like the sales operative spends any money on the business of Tesco’s, then they need to keep the receipts so Tesco’s reimburse the amount in which the employee has spent.


If a Tesco’s employee is injured at the workplace, Tesco’s are legally obliged to pay for their medical costs.

Notice Periods:

Time In Employment

Minimum Notice

Under 1 Month

No Notice

Over 1 Month

1 Week

2 Years Service

2 Weeks

3 to 12 years service

One week for each year to a maximum of 12 weeks.

Death Benefits:

If one of the Tesco’s employees dies, then Tesco’s are legally obliged to compensate the family of the employee who just died.

Oral Moderation not binding:

This means that anything that are orally changed that might be made to the contract are not binding under the law of the United Kingdom. And if both the employee and the employer wish to have this a legal matter, they will need to write it down, agreed , and then Tesco’s and the employee have to both sign it

Both the employee and the employer have to sign the contract otherwise, it is not a legally binding contract and can not be used in the court of law, if in any case needed.

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