Job Fair Brochure Essay

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Job Fair Brochure

Company Information:

Carolina Business & Tax Service is an independently owned company that specializes in income tax and payroll services to all sized businesses and individuals in our community and local areas. We currently have 5 locations to cover the coastal counties in Northern South Carolina and are in the process of opening our newest location in southeast North Carolina. You simply supply the employee’s information and we compute the payroll. We can print your payroll checks on your checks or we can fax you the information so that you may hand write the checks. We also reconcile your bank statements to create the reports needed to file your companies’ income tax returns. We file all monthly, quarterly and yearly tax returns as required by the city, county, and federal laws.

Our staff is fully trained and continuously updated with the most updated laws and regulations regarding local and federal tax laws that apply to your company or individual needs. We also have on staff a retired IRS agent that has the knowledge to handle any problems you may have had in the past regarding your personal or business income tax. We offer electronic filing of your personal income taxes so that you may receive the fastest possible return in our area. As an additional service at no charge, we will collect any taxes (personal, payroll or business) taxes that are due and submit them immediately to the appropriate agencies. Our offices have extended hours of operation during tax season including Saturdays to be able to serve your needs on your availability. If you are not able to come to us, we can come to you!

Business Structure:

The business structure for this company is casual but professional. As we all know, it is easy to be intimidated by a person in uniform. I feel that if our attire policy is casual, then our clients will feel more at eased with us whether they have an easy question or a more complexed problem. Even though we will be dressed more casual then our competition, we will remain professional at all times including at company sponsored picnics or other affairs. Each office will have a comfortable waiting area complete with televisions, soft drinks and snacks. We will also offer a smoking area to our clients (some people get really nervous when dealing with their money!). In addition, each office will have one manager who will oversee all aspects of the office they are responsible for and will report directly to the business owner on a weekly basis or more often should a problem arise.


The culture of this company focuses on being an honest, trustworthy, respectful, knowledgeable and useful employee. Employees who can demonstrate these qualities that we strive for will be rewarded on a quarterly basis through pay raises or other means that are suitable and agree with the company standards. Any employee who cannot meet these standards will be replaced with another who can. These qualities should be displayed at all time while dealing with clients along with co-workers, supervisors and the owner of the business. Above all, confidentiality is the utmost importance in this business due to the nature of the information that we handle.

I choose the company structure, business model and culture based on the on-going need of these services for every individual and new small businesses that are starting almost daily. The tax laws are changing all the time and it is important to know the changes that affect every person and business. I have been to and have seen many businesses like this one that I have created where the employees have no knowledge of business or tax basics, never mind the changes that the government is constantly changing.

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