Job Application Letter Essay

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Job Application Letter

Can Magnum Group use a hardworking college student who wants a career in Marketing analysis? My education, experience, and personal qualities qualify me well for this job.

I will receive my Bachelor of Science from University of South Alabama with a major in Marketing this coming spring. The degree I will receive this coming spring has given me a broad foundation of Marketing knowledge. I have learned a lot about the analytical skills needed. As a major in Marketing, I have studied such topics as consumer behavior, product and services strategy and marketing research. In addition, I selected eight courses of economics and included global economic to enhance my career in business.

I have gained my international working experience in both Malaysia and the United States. My two years experience as a Marketing analyst assistant in Survey Research Malaysia has taught me to be more practical and mature when making decisions. When I studied at the University of South Alabama, I worked as a part time sales representative in Varsity Company for a year. These experiences should clearly help me fit in and contribute to the work in your office.

I was born in multi-culture background society, this make me able to speak in different kind of languages. Understanding the importance of being able to get along well with people, I have actively participated in Girl Scouts when I was in high school. During my four years’ college education, I was an active member in Malaysia Student Council to further my ability to deal with people.

My preparation has been designed to prepare me for work in your company, Mr. Daniel. So may I talk to you about working for Magnum? I would welcome the opportunity to discuss these and other qualifications with you. Please contact me at 251-340-3828 to arrange an interview. I look forward to meeting with you to discuss the ways my skills may best serve Magnum Group.

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