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Job Application Assignment

Categories: CustomerJob

Giving the best customer satisfaction should be the goal of each and every hotel employee. I am confident that my experiences while working at (insert name of previous company where you worked with) made me a good provider of customer service.

Being courteous made me stand out as a hotel employee because I manage to accommodate guests with full attention and an always smiling face. I also exert effort in asking them if they need anything or what can I do for them.

Being the pioneer attendant in the hotel, I was able to contribute my expertise to new employees. I trained them regarding good customer service and I believe it provided a good impact in our company.

My contribution as a hotel/business employee may seem little but for the clients who were able to experience our service, it means a lot to them. Giving good customer service will ensure customer loyalty and make them avail of the services again.

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1.      Self Introduction. (1/2 Page)

My name is (insert your name here) a hardworking, optimistic and goal oriented individual. I tend to look at things in a different perspective. I always consider struggles as vital for an individual to grow and learn from his mistakes. I am also a positivist person and always look at the brighter side of life.

One major fault on my personality is that I am too trustworthy. I know this can cause me trouble sin the future if I will be in a negotiation with people who disguises themselves with good personality but really has bad attitude.

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Nevertheless, life is an unending battle and I am determined to surpass all the trials to be given to me. I aspire to be one successful hotel/business owner in the future so that I can establish my own personal success and at the same time help other people through commitment to service.

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