Jim Crow Essay

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Jim Crow

The New Jim Crow Mass Incarceration in the Age of colorblindness is a writing on how the Jim Crow law came into play and how mass incarceration came into affect. After reading story on how we as African Americans was giving the right to vote through the amendment, but the Whiteman imported Jim Crow law which became another mechanism to keep African American in slavery which was very successful. How they came up with segregation areas for whites and blacks, but what I didn’t know was that it was a tool that was also used too keep the poor whites for joining forces with the blacks.

Than the story took a turn which really caught my interest because I have never been taught racialism within the law the way the book broke it down. I work within the criminal justice system and the mass incarceration part really sparked some fire to me. In today’s time there is a mass of blacks in jail. What I didn’t know that even the SWAT played a part in the racial profiling. I didn’t know about buss sweeps. However, I for one have said that drug cases are over rated, compared to child molester and robbers. They give to much time and than like the author said the label is on the person and now they are not eligible for any assistance. Still so many questions still arise in my head! Now, I know a lot of the injustice was due to being black, from the book polices needed to meet quotas, and how they would use just use an informant.

Even though we know that the corruption exists why it isn’t address more wide spread. However, we had an event to happen with HPD when they was caught on tape kicking and beating that fifteen year old or even when Bellaire police was doing all that racial profiling when they was pulling people over. I feel though corruption is everywhere that’s why we as blacks have to govern our action more than the average white person. Yes, the War on drugs is a war that drafted a lot of our people because of fast money due to not giving the same equal opportunity. However, as African American and Latino, we have to rise above what society socializes us as and be motivated to be better.

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