Jharkhand State Essay

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Jharkhand State

Jharkhand is poorest state of country due to massive loot & naxalite problems.No development has taken place due to massive corruption & change of eight govts in span of 12 years.Most of political leaders are using this state as grazing field retarding the progress.The govt machinery is thoughroughly following path of corrupt CMs & ministers of past govts.Now President rule is imposed which is serious challege for govt to speed up progress on warfooting & naxalite menace to be curbed on top priority basis who are looting & killing innocent people for extortion.There is no difference between corrupt politicians & naxalites as both are fulfilling their ambition to amass wealth.

Thirdly corruption is to be curbed on top priority basis by dismissing corrupts from service immediately followed by seizure of all illegal assets acquired by them by looting state exchequer.Forthly a CBI inquiry is must against all corrupt politicians & officials followed by seizure of their all assets.The corruption cases must be decided by fast track courts for convicting culprits within timeframe since large nos of corruption cases of Maulyam,laloo,Mayawati,Jayalalitha,Raja,Kalmadi,Kanimuzhi are pending in different courts since several decades which is encouraging massive corruption in country.

Congress govt is also connived with these corrupt leaders in delaying these cases which branded Congress as most corrupt party of country & people lost all faith.This will have very serious repercussions for the party in coming elections which may lead to humialiating defeats in future if remedial measures are not taken immediately by passing Lok pal Bill.1/3 women reservation in parliament & assemblies,debarring criminals from entering politics as directed by Supreme Court & Chief Election commissioner.Anna is going to launch mass movement from 30th January13 which will ensure defeat of all corrupt parties who deceived the nation on above issues.

Pranab Mukherjee, the President of India on 18 January 2013 imposed President’s Rule in Jharkhand. The decision came as a follow up of the recommendation made by the Union Cabinet of India on 17 January 2013 and fall of the state machinery in form of Government on 8 January 2013 after the Jharkhand Mukti Morcha the supporting party to BJP led Coalition Government withdrew its support from it.

The President imposed the Rule on the state following the provisions of imposition of President’s Rule on a state mentioned under Article 356 (1) of the Constitution of India, after the failure of Constitutional Machinery in the state.

Madhukar Gupta, the former Union Home Secretary and K. Vijay Kumar, the former Central Reserve Police Force Director General has been appointed as the advisers to the Governor of Jharkhand, Syed Ahmed.

Madhukar Gupta
• He retired as the Union Home Secretary in June 2009.
• He is a former Uttrakhand Cadre IAS Officer

K. Vijay Kumar
• He is an IPS officer of the Tamil Nadu Cadre
• He has served as an adviser in the Ministry of Home Affairs for dealing with Naxal and internal security issues

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