Jews Essay Topics

Mel Brooks as Jewish Comedian

Mel Brooks’s membership in the elite club of Jewish comedians is essentially impossible to dispute. The question is whether or not his comedy is atypical. Satirizing Jewish history and klutzy old Jewish men is normal for Jewish comedy. However, “Don’t be stupid, be a smarty, come and join the Nazi party,” is something that you… View Article

The Rights of Immigrants to Have an Education

Since the founding of the United States, more than 55 million immigrants from every continent have settled here. Every wave of immigration has faced fear and hostility from both ordinary citizens and government especially during times of economic hardship, political turmoil or war. Coming to the United States, Immigrants do not receive the same amount… View Article

Limerick Pogrom 1904

The Limerick Pogrom, sometimes known as the Limerick Boycott, was an economic boycott waged against the small Jewish community in Limerick, Ireland, for over two years in the first decade of the twentieth century. It was accompanied by violence, and caused many Jews to leave the city. It was instigated in 1904 by a Redemptorist… View Article

Sarahs Key

The dance ‘The Oppression of the Jewish Race’ was based on the stimulus ‘Schindlers List’ directed by Steven Spielberg. The dance is in narrative structure based on the journey of the Jewish race from freedom to oppression. The feelings within this dance vary. In the first section, the dance begins with a light playfulness where… View Article

Analysis About Schindlers List

The dance ‘The Oppression of the Jewish Race’ was based on the stimulus ‘Schindlers List’ directed by Steven Spielberg. The dance is in narrative structure based on the journey of the Jewish race from freedom to oppression. The feelings within this dance vary. In the first section, the dance begins with a light playfulness where… View Article

Why alexander III introduced reactionary policy after 1881

Chuck Palahniuk once aptly quoted “Nothing of me is original. I am a combined effort of everyone I’ve ever known”, but to what extent is this true? Indeed, an individual’s uniqueness may comprise of the exposure to certain people, and expectations, but how much of this shapes our identity? As human beings, our species is… View Article

Hotel on a corner of bitter and sweet

Maintaining privacy and confidentiality for patients is a fundamental duty of care as a nurse. It is clearly stated that “a nurse must treat personal information obtained in a professional capacity as confidential” (ANMC, 2003, pg. 4). Although the terms privacy and confidentiality are often interchanged, they should be distinguished. Privacy refers to one’s ownership… View Article

Judaism Significant Person: Isaiah 20/20

?With reference to the significant person ‘Isaiah’, explain the contribution to the development and expression of Judaism and analyse the impact of this person on Judaism. The prophet Isaiah played an important role in the development and expression of Judaism as a dynamic, living religion through the impact of his works. The impact of Isaiah… View Article

Schindler’s List: Personal Reflection

Oskar Schindler was Nazi in good stead with the regime, as his gold pin would suggest. A married man, he lived with a German mistress and maintained an affair with his secretary. He was a shrewd businessman, and his dealings were often under the table, and his business thrived through bribes. When Schindler set up… View Article

To What Extent Were Jews Assimilated Into Germany by 1930?

To what extent were Jews assimilated into Germany by 1930? 24 marks It would be extremely simplistic to state that all Jews were well assimilated in Germany by 1930 as the mere existence of segregation within the Jewish community within Germany serves as a representation that some were assimilated and some were not. We have… View Article

Western vs. Eastern European Jews

In this essay I will be discussing the second question on the sheet. This question asks to compare and contrast what Jewish life was like in Eastern Europe compared to the Jewish lifestyle in Western Europe. To understand what lead to the differences seen between Jews in these two regions, it is important to see… View Article

Jews and Critical Lens

“To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.” –Ralph Waldo Emerson. Emerson is saying that if you stay yourself after all the peer pressure that surrounds you, it is a big accomplishment. He is saying to not go with the flow, but to stand… View Article

Barabas’ Role in the Jew of Malta

Christopher Marlow was born in 1564, as William Shakespeare. This play was probably written in 1589; however, it was not actually published until 1633, after Marlowe’s death in 1593 when he was just 29 years old. This play was performed for many years and had a great influence on Shakespeare’s The Venice Merchant. •1. Summary… View Article

Jews and Chapter

1. Elie’s first impression of the camp at Buna was that it looked empty and dead as if an epidemic had hit. 2. Elie and his father have to work in a factory where they fix electrical circuits. 3. The Jewish dentist is caught stealing the prisoner’s gold teeth and was ordered to be hung…. View Article

The Jew Store

The Jew Store is a story written by a lady whose family moved to America from Russia in the early 1900s. The first moved to New York and then found their way down to the South. They finally ended up in Nashville as their first permanent residence. They would not last there very long though,… View Article

Explain the Underlying and Immediate Causes of the Jewish War

There were many underlying and immediate causes of the Jewish war. The continued Roman oppression and continued disrespect of the Jewish faith and culture by many Roman key figures of authority such as Pilate, Patronius and Cumanus was an underlying cause of the war. This was joined by the Roman inability to control insurgent groups… View Article

Jewish Culture

The first Jewish custom, Brit Milah also known as circumcision, takes places at the birth of a boy baby. It is carried out on the eighth day after the baby has been born; it is performed by a Mohel, where the baby’s foreskin of the penis is removed. The second Jewish custom is called The… View Article

Herman Harold Potok

Herman Harold Potok was born in the Bronx on the 17th of February in the year of 1929 (McCauley, 1E). It was later on in his life when he started using his Hebrew name, Chaim (McCauley, 1E). As a teenager, Chaim was drawn to the Conservative branch of Judaism, which caused problems in his family… View Article

Between Shtetl and Salon: Jewish Women in Vienna 1900

Alison Rose’s pioneering monograph Jewish Women in Fin de Siecle Vienna charts new territory on the familiar waters of Vienna 1900. Since the publication of Carl Schorske’s compelling series of cultural historical essays (Fin-de-siecle Vienna: Politics and Culture [1980]), a model that attributed an efflorescence of modern art, literature, and science in the Austrian capital… View Article

Patterns of Dominance

The Jews have experienced a number of atrocities in their history. Yet, they are still bound together by their Jewish identity. Although religion plays a crucial role in the lives of Jews, they are best characterized as an ethnic group facing discrimination in a lot of ways in different places. The most extreme form of… View Article

Changes in the Life of Jews in Nazi Germany

The Nazis anathematize the Jews. From a long time ago the Jews were not liked by the people of Europe and in the reign of the Nazis this became much worse. The Nazis officials were given strict orders to exterminate as many Jews as possible. The Nazis wanted to remove the whole of Jewish community…. View Article

Compare and Contrast Auden’s and Faulks

Both Sebastian Faulks and W. H. Auden write about the tales of Jewish refugees living in the time of holocaust during WW2 in their two pieces, ‘The Last Night’ and ‘Refugee Blues’. By using literary techniques such as imagery and tone both writers, Auden and Gray create a sense of alienation for the characters portrayed… View Article

Nazi Germany in the 1930s

Jews faced several problems that made life very difficult and strenuous during the mid-1930s. People who were Jewish were often persecuted and treated as the worst class of people when it comes to social hierarchy. Throughout this time, there were many things happening to Germany that were of and related to government, which destroyed the… View Article

Going Against Tradition

I. Introduction One of the most referenced texts in the Bible’s New Testament is the Epistle to the Hebrews—also known as the Letter to the Hebrews—which is primarily written anonymously and without a foreword that credits its actual author.  For this, much speculation has turned out regarding the text’s source; while most scholars defer to… View Article

The hardships the Jews faced during the Holocaust

The lives of the Jews in Germany were punctuated by long periods of suffering and many problems. The Jews went through a lot of hardships such as; going through hard labor, loss of family union due to separation, torture and their freedom was also suppressed. Introduction Holocaust was a serious happening ever witnessed and it… View Article

Nazi Germany’s discrimination against the Jews

As a result of anti-Semitism in Nazi Germany, a system of violent suppression and control emerged that ultimately took the lives of an estimated 6 million Jewish people Anti-Semitism is an opposition to, prejudice against, or intolerance of Semitic people, most commonly Jews. Anti-Semitism has existed throughout history, since Israel’s dispersion in 70 AD. In… View Article

Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet

(1)The first thing I would do if I found out I was going to be evacuated from my home is start crying. Knowing that I will be separated from humanity I will also begin to become crazy, knowing what happens too all these people at the camps families suffering and loosing each other by being… View Article

Maus and Life is Beautiful

The Holocaust was a persecution and murder of approximately six­million Jews by the German Nazi regime. The Nazis came to power in January of 1933. They believed that Germans were racially superior and that the Jews were inferior threats to their community. The Holocaust is a tragic event and has been portrayed in many books… View Article

Conflict is a destructive force in our lives

What is the real explanation of conflict? A struggle or destructive force.” This description of conflict only scrapes the surface of what it really means. People encounter these conflicts almost on a daily basis, whether it being self inflicting conflict, conflict with scheduling religions, age, sex, family, friends or even the experience of a war…. View Article