Jews Essay Topics

Jud Suss

?Jud Su? – A Subtle yet Blatantly Obvious anti-Semitic Film ‘’The events on this film are based on historical facts’’ – this seemingly harmless exposition in the film Jud Su? by Veit Harlan creates an immediate impression to viewers that the plot is credible and unbiased. This is the beauty of Jud Su? as an… View Article

Broken glass – research

Margaret Hyman- Harry Hymans wife, “fair, lusty and energetic”, informative, nosey. She is friendly, likes laughing a complete opposite to Gellburg- it makes him uncomfortable Phillip Gelburg- “slender intense man in his late forties”, patient, secretive, dislikes social situations, unsympathetic The theme of Gellburgs wife’s illness is introduced, and Gellburg indicates he is perhaps either… View Article

Schindler’s List Paragraph

This movie gave me the first impression was that everything in the film was black and white. It made me feel depressed and horrible. The images showed that many innocent Jewish people were killed, and arrested as the cheap labors and slaves by Nazi. I am shocked by these inhuman actions during the holocaust. The… View Article

Awake My People!” vs. “The City of Slaughter

The Jewish people have an extensive history of Diaspora (migration), long after their exile from Israel in 587 B. C. E. by the Babylonian (Spitzer, J). Their struggles for inclusion into other nations were met with repeated rejections due to their inclination to preserve their distinct culture, which only alienated them. Without a permanent homeland,… View Article

Alicia My Story, Book Summary

The main character in this story is a Jewish girl named Alicia. When the book starts she is ten years old, she lives in the Polish town of Buczacz with her four brothers, Moshe, Zachary, Bunio, and Herzl, and her mother and father . The holocaust experience began subtly at first when the Russians began… View Article

Was Moses a Black Man?

First off, let me preface this argument by saying that the answer to this question might leave many people asking another one: “SO WHAT? ” Only you can answer that. As to the implications to world history, especially post-slavery propaganda against “blacks,” this argument imposes many. I’m not attempting to deal with those implications, nor… View Article

Turning Points in Jewish History

Diaspora will not be the death of a religion. The concept may seem to make sense to us, but the realization of this is what turned desperation of a displaced people into a lasting religion. The Babylonian exile of the Jews had such monumental and lasting effects, it has become proverbial. There have been many… View Article

The Book Theif – Power of words

A symbol is an object that represents, stands for, or suggests an idea, belief, action or material identity. Symbols take the form of words, sounds, gestures or visual images and are used to convey ideas and beliefs. In The Book Thief by Markus Zusak he has used powerful symbolism to show how words and literature… View Article

Western Europe

Due to the ineffective leadership, the nation states of Frances, England and Spain utilized aggressive methods to rebuild their governments in the fifteenth century. This was accomplished though the revival of the monarchy and the unification of nations. The French leaders led their people and nation states to success. Charles VII, a sovereign viewed as… View Article

The Chosen – Historic Events

Chaim Potok uses historic events to help shape the plot of The Chosen and create conflicts and challenges for the characters to overcome. Specifically, the Holocaust and the Zionist movement create a feeling of aversion between the Malters and the Saunders by setting the Malters’ reform Jewish, Zionist beliefs against those of the Hasidic, anti-Zionist… View Article

Pearl Harbor

“Injustice any where is a threat everywhere,” as Martin Luther King stated. It varies from bullying to unjust workers. The Holocaust is a great example of injustice. Innocent Jewish people were killed for just being of their faith. Racial Discrimination and bullying are a few other examples of injustice that are prevented. This could have… View Article

Love at first sight

Adolf Hitler was a very famous person that was in the Holocaust. He was a very cruel person who thought that everyone who wasn’t a pure blooded German was lower than him and filthy. He put a lot of people through misery and pain. He didn’t even know if the people he was killing could… View Article

Boy in the Striped Pyjamas

The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas presents ideas about World War 2 and the holocaust. The movie shows what fear and Punishment and the innocence of childhood would have been like during WW2 and the holocaust. During World War 2 and the holocaust, fear within the Jewish race was created by the soldiers. Soldiers had… View Article

The Rejection of the St. Louis

Canada, a prosperous country known for its kind people and multicultural mosaic today, was not always the welcoming land of the free. As a matter of fact, throughout the 1930s and 1940s, Canada took in fewer Jews proportionate to its population to any other country in the western world . This era marked the rise… View Article

Mona and the Promised Land

It has often been said that coming to America is the start of a new life for many immigrant families. The novels Mona and the Promised Land by Gish Jen, and Hunger of Memory by Richard Rodriguez, it is said that “American means being whatever you want” (Jen 49). Mona and Rodriguez both strive to… View Article