Jews in Palentine Essay

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Jews in Palentine

Palestine has been a conflicted land, since a number of years. The major conflict is between two religions, which are Islam and Judaism. From the Jewish point of view, they consider the land of Palestine as their own. Jews are an ancient race and it is their belief that they are the purest of all the races. However, Muslims believe that the right to Palestine is theirs alone. It is known that the history of Jews is ancient and they existed long before the birth of Islam. However, it is critically important to note that the right of any region belongs to the majority of the people living in that particular area.

Based on this rule, partitions have been done in the past as well as the present. In 1948, when the Jews announced their independence, they claimed the right to Palestine. However, in the process, they were directly responsible of dispossessing 750,000 people of Palestine. The people were mainly Muslims. Additionally, the Jews made use of military force in creating the largest refugee population of the world, which was and is still heavily aided by the United States and its allies. 70 percent of the Palestinians live in exile, even today.

Apart from that, the 1. 7 million Palestinians of Gaza, who refused to leave their homes, were brutally tortured and punished by the Jews. It is imperative to realize that though Jews were the first race on the land of Palestine, they could not claim it unless the majority of the population agrees to it. In addition to that, the atrocities caused by the Jews on the people of Palestine and denying their basic rights of humanity, has negated their claim towards the land. Thus, I do not believe that Jews deserve to have a homeland in the land of Palestine.

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