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Jet Blue

(1) Jet Blue should have communicated in a more effective and efficient manner so as to restore and enhance its image. This practice involves making public appearances and using the media as a tool in conveying their effort to accept their mistakes and take the necessary actions so as this incident may not manifest again. At the same time, top management should ensure to keep its communication lines open and updated for changes so as to bolster and show its commitment towards mending the troubles brought about by the Valentine’s day issue.

(2) It may be a feasible strategy to place David Neelman in public television because there are several positive and negative impacts that can be generated in the process. One optimistic view is that Neelman can help restore public confidence on Jet Blue and help legitimize and publicize the efforts that the company can make to prevent the issue from happening again. Another is that it helps appease angry customers by gaining the assurance and accountability of all the groups involved in the matter. On the other hand, one setback revolves around the change in perception of Jet Blue. This in turn can be manifested in how David Neelman will address the public and the issue on hand.

(3) Seeing this alarming issue, one important advertising program must revolve on the idea of restoring customer and investor confidence in Jet Blue. At the same time, it must rethink its strategies surrounding treatment of customers and the overall approach of the airline given this scenario. Another way to enhance this initiative is to strengthen effort to inform the public about the efforts of Jet Blue to remain accountable and adaptive to such changes.

(4) I feel that if the Customer Bill of Rights be implemented, an information campaign be actively presented to Jet Blue customers. Either this can be incorporated within the company website or employees undergo training to be oriented of this policy changes. In this aspect, I feel that this initiative can be supplemental for the company to regain its customer confidence and standing in the airline industry. At the same time, it can also put airline responsibility and accountability into the next level because it is now focused on customer preference. Seeing this, it can entice more people to patronize Jet Blue and solidify its growth amidst the crisis it faced.

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