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Jerusalem Today

Three criminals were crucified today, including the rabble-rouser Jesus Christ, who has been instigating a great deal of controversy of late. After months of hotly contested debate, the execution was eagerly awaited by the priests and the people, notwithstanding Jesus’ many followers. Despite Jesus’ proclamations, speeches, and promises, God did not come to save him.

The suspect was arrested in Gethsemane following dinner and charged with claiming to be the “King of Jews. Sources at the scene said that during his final dinner with his disciples, Jesus shocked everyone present by announcing, “I tell you the truth, one of you will betray me” (MAT 26:21). These sources revealed that Jesus believed his betrayer would be a man named Judas Iscariot, who promptly left the table. Judas appears to have felt great remorse for his alleged betrayal, hanging himself before morning. Jesus was quickly brought before the high priest Caiaphas to be accused. After much debate, the priests decided to bring him to the governor to confer a sentence of death upon him.

Jesus was brought before the governor Pontius Pilate who deferred to the will of the people and sentenced him to be crucified. The thief Barabbas, who was also arrested, was granted a reprieve at the people’s request. When asked to comment, former disciple Peter denied Jesus, claiming to have no knowledge. Two thieves and Jesus Christ were taken to the “Place of the Skulls” for execution. Jesus was dressed in a purple robe for the journey; however, he was stripped at the scene. Once he was placed on the cross, he was treated to a great deal of mocking and derision from bystanders.

After six hours, Jesus said his final words, “Eloi, Eloi, lama sabachthani? ” (“My God, My God, why have you forsaken me? ”), and succumbed to his injuries. He was stabbed through the side to ensure he had reached his final rest and his body ran with blood and water. He is to be buried in a private tomb at the request of his disciples. Sources inside the Pilate government had no immediate comment. Interviews “I try not to think about it,” Nicole Canter said after being asked what she thought of the current economic crisis. “I mean, it just makes my stomach queasy. The 22-year-old Santa Ana resident works as a waitress at two local restaurants. A republican, Nicole was hesitant to blame the situation on former President Bush, but admitted that there were clearly areas that could have been improved. “It’s affecting everyone,” she said.

“I still have a job, but my hours have been cut and business is poor in general. ” Nicole worries that when she finishes college, there won’t be any jobs for her to take, but hasn’t followed any of the activity of President Obama but has hope that “someone will do something. ” She just wants to see an improvement and isn’t picky about where it comes from. I hope for the best,” she said, “and I try not to imagine the worst. ” At age 72, Geoffrey Simonson should be set for life after a lifetime of saving for his retirement.

But he’s worried that his investments won’t last long enough now that the economy has fallen. “My portfolio has lost 40% of its value. It makes me very angry. ” When asked what he thinks caused the crisis, Geoffrey is quick to excuse Bush. “It was a lack of oversight by congress,” he says, claiming that under President Clinton, the democrats passed the Glass Steigel Act which only made the problem worse. The democratic majority had the opportunity to police the banks but they didn’t and instead took big ‘donations’ to look the other way. ”

His frustration is obvious, and his anger at the democrats “passing the buck” onto Bush is evident as well. “[Bush] was not the problem,” he insists. As for how the situation is affecting him, “Well, my son lost his job and had to move to Dallas so I can’t see him or my grandkids anymore. ” His sadness is apparent. Many of his neighbors and friends have lost their job along with his son. The economy is a mess right now,” he concedes, “but Bush didn’t do it. ” After the rescuing of the banking and automotive industry, Geoffrey believes the administration is hemorrhaging money at a huge cost to the children. “Spiraling inflation is imminent.

Hopefully they make some changes soon that make sense. ” That’s all anybody can ask for. Fullerton resident Charles Gothart, 42, lost his job as a marketing manager last April and has not been able to find a new one. “It’s been over a year and it’s discouraging. I have some savings, but my capital is dwindling. It’s a tough market. Charles blames the current economy on a “catastrophe of management” on the part of the Bush administration, naming late intervention, poor credit management by the banks and the people, and the fact that the banks were not only allowing people to live beyond their means, but encouraging it. “I was downsized after fourteen years on the job. They’re being brutal, cutting all the way across the board. Sad to see. ” Charles worries daily about the market and the economy. “I’ve lost about 20%, not as bad as some, but that doesn’t include my pension which has taken a brutal hit.

The measures that Obama has passed haven’t done nearly enough, he’s following in Bush’s footsteps. ” As for how he feels, Charles’ anger emanates from him. But he hasn’t completely given up hope. “Obama’s still new, maybe something will change. ” We can only hope. “Life on disability is always hard, but lately, it’s been worse. ” 36-year-old Huntington Beach resident, Catherine Rigley is gloomy. “Living on a fixed income is always frustrating, but now I can’t even supplement it with outside work. There just isn’t a market. ”

Catherine blames the poor policy making on the part of the Bush government and the lack of regulation in the banking industry. “They should have intervened sooner, they just should have. Although,” she concedes, “they probably would have done the wrong thing anyway. ” After months of escalating unemployment, Catherine’s sister, boyfriend and mother all lost their jobs. “I can’t be laid off, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t affect me. ” Catherine admits to being scared about the return of the economy, believing it’s going to take awhile. I don’t think they’re doing enough for the unemployment rate. ”

But they have made some positive steps. Catherine has hope that things will turn around. “It all depends on the markets; when they do better we do better. Let’s just hope they start doing better. ” Caregivers never make enough money, but when you add a faltering economy, you create a tenuous position for the largely under appreciated part of the workforce. Darlene Tonter, 56, a Fountain Valley resident, has worked as a caregiver for the past 25 years and recently lost her job due to a client’s death.

After having a difficult time finding new employment, Darlene found herself expressing her frustration with the Bush administration. “The economy is always a mess when a republican is in office. Always has been, always will be. ” Her daughter has also lost her job. “Denise has been unemployed for nearly six months and hasn’t gotten an interview yet. She’s really good and has wonderful recommendations, but there are a lot of people who are willing to work for less. ” She shrugged her shoulders, a tear running from her eye. “I hope the stimulus works, I hope something works. ” She sighs heavily. “I just want to feel secure again. ”

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