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Jeremy Kassissieh

It’s new, it’s realistic and it’s an amazing story that will raise your expectations. Puffin books presents to you, The Fifth Quest. This fantastic book has to definitely be one of my favourites. I really enjoyed how this fantastic writer Debra Oswald, tried to express her extraordinary ideas. Before I read this book, I never really liked books of this genre. But something changed; this book has made an impact on my interest because of the way it is written, it is very different to other books. This book would be classified in the dramatic genre.

This novel is about two ordinary girls, who are die-hard fans of “Quests”. So Nadia, a wishful actress forces Rosie to come for her support. Rosie is amazed when she scores the dream role of being Maya, who is the apprentice of Ashtari. As a result, Rosie soon becomes a major star and starts to adapt to show business. She and Nadia’s friendship is wearing out and they soon realise that there is no communication between them. But Rosie discovers that show business is cruel at times. And she finds herself wrapped in misery. But through all of that pain Rosie is guided by her friends and mother.

Rosie manages to restore her life back to its genuine state, including her friendship with Nadia. Through the book you are taken on a journey of the actual show and reality. This book is written so well that it makes every use of your own imagination. There are many unique themes that run continuously throughout this book. Some of these themes include, jealousy, trusting others, betrayal and friendship and its importance. In this brilliant novel, these themes are explored rapidly. Jealousy, in the story would be classified as the main them.

Jealousy is played when, ‘Anita Hardy tries to get rid of Rosie. Anita is very jealous of Rosie starting to build up fame, so she talked Rick La Spina (producer of the Quests) to cut Rosie’s scenes short. ’ Jealousy is played, where ‘Nadia was informed that Rosie scores the dream role of being Maya. Nadia is extremely disappointed and at the same time very jealous, because she did not get the role she wished for. ’ Another significant theme that runs through the book is, trusting others. In the novel you’ll notice as you read on, Rosie trusts Neil Tesich with all her heart.

Neil is an extraordinary friend that a person could ever wish for. In the story Neil acts like Rosie’s mentor. When a difficult hardship crosses Rosie’s way, Neil was always there to ease the pressure. Oswald developed Rosie’s character by making her trust Neil’s advice. By Rosie’s friendship with Neil, it gave her a different point of view in life. In my opinion, I believe Neil is a mature role model to all people of all ages. I immensely enjoyed how the writer portrayed every character in their own way. Anita’s features include her being worthy at some stages, caring, immature, rich and jealous.

A good way to think of Anita is summarised through these words, spoken by the Neil Tesich character – ‘even though there are bad features that Anita displays, she is still not a bad person. She just has a lot going on with her life. ’ Oswald developed Anita as a very busy person, who always developed side-affects due to heavy workloads. This outstanding writer, Debra Oswald has significantly made an impact on my interest. She has successfully achieved this, because of the way this book is written. The Use of metaphors, similes and repetition was used in an outstanding manner.

There are many more great techniques that this writer composed in this novel. By her completing this, it greatly portrays the actor’s movements throughout the book. As a result of this, the way the book is written, made it so unpredictable for you to uncover what will happen. This really grabs your attention and it definitely inspires you to read more. To me, it is in my opinion that the whole novel is great. I was very entertained while I was reading this novel. The reason for this is that the writing is very satisfying as well as suspenseful. Evaluating my most favourite part of the book would be exceptionally difficult.

Overall, to choose my most favourite part of the novel, it would definitely have to be the part where Rosie and Nadia were at the set, at the same time. I particularly enjoyed reading this part of the novel because it is very descriptive and also exceedingly suspenseful. By reading this novel, it can teach children and adults many things. Some of these things include: making correct decisions in life, how to make a positive relationship and how to trust others. Overall I enjoyed reading this book and I will look forward to read more of Debra Oswald’s novels. So I would recommend that you read it to, because I know you will be impressed.

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