Jeremy Fink and the Meaning of Life by Wendy Mass

Categories: Life

Characters: Jeremy Fink, Lizzy Muldoon, Mrs. Fink, Mr. Muldoon, Mr. Oswald, Samantha And Rick, James And Mr. Fink. Conflict: The Conflict Is About Jeremy Trying To Find Four Key’s That Would Open The Box Which His Dad Left It For Him For His Thirteen Birthday Present When He Died And Jeremy Is To Find The Key That Would Fit All Four Spots In The Box Before His Thirteen Birthday. Setting: Happens In Modern Days In New York City. Basic Situation: Jeremy And Lizzy Try To Find The Key Before Jeremy’s Thirteen Birthday.

Plot: Jeremy See’s The Postman With A Box Addressed To His Mom. Jeremy Takes The Box And Opens It To See A Box. When His Mom Comes And Sees Him With The Box His Mom Tells Him How The Box Was His Present His Dad Left Him For His Thirteen Birthday And Had To Find All Four Of The Keys That Would Open It Before His Birthday Comes.

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Lizzy And Jeremy Get In Trouble And They Have To Do Community Service. Then They Meet Mr. Oswald Who Tries To Help Them. Their Community Service Was To Deliver Staff Two New People Which Then They Get To Meet New People. Climax: Is When Lizzy And Jeremy Opened The Box And Discovered His.

Father’s Meaning Of Life. Falling Action: Is When Jeremy Opens The Box And Finds It Full Of Stones. Jeremy Then Remembers His Father Had Collected Each Stone At Each Important Event Of His Life.

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F) Resolution: Is When Jeremy Find Out That Mr. Oswald, Jeremy’s Mom, The Mailman, And Larry From Larry’s Locks Were All In Jeremy’s Dad’s Plan To Give Jeremy The Box At The Right Time And So That He Would Have To Look For All Four Of The Keys, Although Mr. Oswald Had Them All Along. By Having This Plan His Dad Knew That Jeremy Would Meet New People And Get To Experience.

Point Of View: First Person Because There Is Too Much Feelings And Emotion In The Book. H) Person Vs Person- Jeremy And Lizzy As They Try To Find The Keys To The Box. Person Vs Society- Jeremy And The Society Meeting New People To Try To Find The Key To The Four Holes. I) Theme: A Lesson This Story Teaches About Life Is To Never Give Up, And Always Be Motivated To Do Something You Know You Really Want To Do. J) Simile- As Hard As It Can Be With Hope On The Way. Simile- Life Is As Eventful As A Journey. Metaphor- No Pain, No Gain.

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Jeremy Fink and the Meaning of Life by Wendy Mass

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