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Essay on Jeans

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Marketing Project (Jeans)

Paige jeans do come in a more extended range of sizes, such as its maternity fits with elastic waistbands. The length of each pair is also important; they range from 30 to 34 in length or from petite to tall. 7 Labelling is another important aspect for Paige jeans as they have re-launched its design to fit the growth of the company, as shown in Figure 1. Labelling is the one element of those chang...

Sagging Pants Essay

They already get harassed for minor things, sagging their pants would just make the situation even worse. These kids should be taught to do the right thing, if they ever plan on going far in life. Children learn from their mistakes, but if their unaware of these mistakes, there’s no way then can correct themselves. All in all, these young men need to learn the inappropriate ways of dressing is j...

Pepe Jeans- Case Study

They need to ensure that whatever alternative they choose matches their competitive strategy. They need to know that the final product will still meet their standards, and build their brand. They might consider doing a survey of customers to determine if they are happy with the products and ensure Pepe is listening to the "voice of the customer" before they make any drastic changes. The last thing...

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Cultural Artifact Essay – Blue Jeans

“European Culture 19th Century - Blue Jeans”. Fashionencyclopedia. com. Fashion Encyclopedia, Advameg, June 2010. Web. “Modern World 1980 – 2003, Designer Jeans”. Fashionencyclopedia. com. Fashion Encyclopedia, Advameg, June 2010. Web. Sullivan, James. Jeans: A Cultural History of an American Icon. New York: Penguin, 2007. Print. George, Diana and Trimbur, John. Reading Culture: Contexts...

Entering True Religion Brand Jeans into Mauritius

Mauritius has an ultimate goal of modernizing its society-- this includes modernizing its retail industry. Introducing True Religion jeans to the country provides the company with an untapped resource and would give True Religion a competitive edge against other premium denim brands. There are many opportunities that developing nations such as Mauritius offer. With a society that wishes to be worl...

A New Employee Reward and Recognition Program

All proceeds again going into the employee rewards and recognition program fund. Blue Jean or Casual Fridays! This would obviously be done on Fridays, every Friday if permissible. Any employee who wants to wear blue jeans or casual clothing will have to pay anywhere from one to two dollars. In correlation, a themed casual day could be implemented as well. Things such as football Friday, where the ...

A Short Story Of Denim

A writer for American Fabrics predicted this trend all the way back in 1969, when he wrote, “What has happened to denim in the last decade is really a capsule of what happened to America. It has climbed the ladder of taste.” Today, LS&CO. employees wear Levi’s® jeans to work. Looking back, we see that the very first people to wear Levi’s® jeans worked with pick and shovel, and though...

Sex Sells in Advertising

Fowles makes an excellent point that you cannot have one form of advertisement without another. Every ad that has been analyzed has had sex and attention closely tied together. Society has made it so that if you’re visually appealing you obtain the attention you desire. Attention is typically closely tied into prominence. Prominence as earlier defined by Fowles is the need to feel admired and re...

Descriptive Essay: "My Professor"

Unlike the hurried words from student, he speaks slowly using a careful word choice and without contradictions, is sensitive to the nuances and precision of language, but not devoid of empathy. Interestingly, both appear intent on avoiding eye contact, and after a few minutes, sensing the conversation is coming to a close, she looks up at him again as a sign to leave, and, seeming to receive assen...

Jean Kilbourne’s article “Jesus is a brand of jeans”

One passage that I found interesting in the Jean Kilbourne’s article “Cutting girls down to size: The influence of the media on teenage body image” is that nearly half of the participants in a study that was conducted to determine the effects of magazines on teenage girls “reported a desire to loose weight because of an image in a magazine, but only 29% were actually overweight. ” This g...

Failed Products

Also the colors and the powerful AC are being positioned as the differentiators along with the classic adage of better fuel efficiency that has helped its sales. I personally feel that positioning a product or service would be a strong spin off from consumer behavior and without understanding the hopes and aspirations of the masses a product is bound to not have the stickiness factor. TATA Nano wa...

A Change of Heart

After all, it was him that got me interested in this style! Now that I have this tremendous change of heart, there ain’t no going back. Never in a million years would I trade a pair of my tight-around-the-booty jeans for a yucky, bland pair of mom jeans like I used to have. I remain thankful for the fun tradition me and my brother have of broin’ out together at the mall and movies. The memorie...

Its funny y'know people assume heartbreak is always over

"William, hurry up or we will be late!" I sigh grabbing my bag, I know most kids would be dying to be a supernatural like me but its hard. This is my second year at Willow tree Private Boarding School and this year it's either gonna be a fraction harder or easier. I go down stairs to be greeted by my three elder sisters Harper, Kailee and Juliette. Juliette was wearing a white cotton long sleeve s...

The Blue Jeans And Anti Fashion Cultural Studies Essay

Blue denims and associated denim manner have, in add-on come to stand non merely for the World War II or cragged manual workers or the hardworking farmer- they have turn out to be an indispensable component of the full American and possibly the cosmopolitan view. They have been lightened, ripped, washed with crisp, washed with crushed rock, patched, cut up, decorated, troubled, but they are flexib...

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