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JC Act 2

What is Brutus worried will happen if Caesar is crowned?
He will get overwhelmed with power and abuse it

What promise does Brutus make to Rome?
He will do what’s best for Rome, whatever it takes

To What does Brutus compare his mental anxiety?
to a hideous dream, he’s like a little kingdom in rebellion

Two words Brutus uses to describe the conspiracy
Dangerous and monstrous

What reason does Brutus give for not wanting to swear an oath?
He thinks they should do it for the good of Rome, so that should be good enough

What reason does Metellus give for wanting to include Cicero in their conspiracy?
He’ll make us look good because he’s old and wise.

What reason does Brutus give for excluding Cicero?
He will never follow someone else’s plans

What does Brutus suggest they do about Antony?
Leave him alone

Who is not convinced about not killing Antony?

According to Decius, what is a sure-fire way to flatter Caesar.
Tell Caesar that he hates flatterers.

What does Caesar say that shows he has an unrealistic view of his own power?
Danger knows that Caesar is more dangerous than Danger

what does Portia want to know when she sends Lucius to the capitol to get information?
Who is standing around Caesar

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