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Essay on Jazz Music

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Jazz Music of Miles Davis' in Kind Of Blue

All in all, "Kind of Blue" has worked its way into the hearts of millions of jazz fans with good reason. Davis has never had a tighter band behind him and every player exudes their confidence and knowledge of their instrument with every note they play. The end product is a beautiful blend of evocative solos and innovative progressions that deserve to be heard, studied and loved by anyone who appre...

Blues and Jazz

Blues also speaks of traditions and personal experiences (the African-American laborer). Hence, Blues is more of a feel-based kind of music. It is very free, the only purpose is to relay the feelings, expressions of the artist. Jazz, for its part, is considered as dance music and improvisation is at its core. Jazz also incorporates more color, this is tricky for non-musicians and is far more techn...

Duke Ellington

He had an ability to create fresh sound by drawing instruments from different sections of the band and voicing them together as a unit. Piano players like James P. Johnson and Willie "The Lion" Smith influenced his incredible piano technique. He died on May, 24 1974, in New York City. Ellington will be forever remembered as an ambassador of American music and culture for his enormous contributions...

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Jazz Performance Review

Sometimes hearing lyrics one starts trying to decipher what they’re saying and what the song is about and in the process forgets about the music playing in the background. Even though the concert was free, there were no formal seats, and it was at a public park, the concert felt very classy and one that people of all ages and backgrounds could enjoy. It was a new experience for me, never having ...

Jazz Concert

They masterfully serenaded and entertained the audience through vocalist Mara Duran who did vocals on “Orange-colored Sky” and “It had to be You”. The group kept the crowd swaying and crooning on our seats in time with the beat. Jazz took my heart out from the first notes that had drifted from the instruments up until the faintest tune that was whispered by the wind. That night, I closed m...

Jazz Concert Report

The UF Jazz Choir performed “The Look of Love” by Zegree and “It Don’t Mean a Thing if it Ain’t Got That Swing” by Edenroth. “It Don’t Mean a Thing if it Ain’t Got That Swing” had a lot of scatting in it and was really fast paced. The jazz choir did a great job of using each other to compile a nice tone throughout both songs. The first song was performed completely a cappella a...

Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington

Simply put, Ellington transcends boundaries and fills the world with a treasure trove of music that renews itself through every generation of fans and music-lovers. His legacy continues to live on and will endure for generations to come. His son Mercer Ellington took over his band after his death, and his grandson Paul Ellington is over the Ellington Estate now. The Ellington Fund helps to fund th...

Jerome Robbins

Robbins was also the recipient of several honorary doctorates, again because of his exemplary contribution to choreography. He was also later affiliated with American Academy and Institute of Arts and Letters, where he was awarded an honorary membership. Conclusion – It is difficult to gauge of measure indeed the intensity of Robbins’ contribution to performing arts. He was an artist’s artis...

Dexter Gordon

To conclude, in my opinion, Dexter Gordon has had a huge impact on the evolution of jazz. He was partly responsible for the popularisation of bebop which brought jazz into a new era and influencing some of the biggest names in jazz history. He now also acts as a huge inspiration for me, especially in terms of developing my tone, using bebop language and thematic dev...

The Chapel Jazz Ensemble

In general, this concert consisted of characteristics of those associated with Count Basie. The piano was very prominent throughout the entire duration of the performance, which gave a soft, but lively and vibrant overall feeling to the concert. The difference between the Jazz lab ensemble and the Chapel jazz ensemble also felt like I was able to see two concerts at once, which was also very enter...

Jazz-Music Story

"" By creating a new music, adapting a renegade style, asserting their intelligence, and demanding to be treated as artists, young African-American musicians forged a cultural politics that challenged all at once the banality of popular swing music, the complacency of older musicians, and a system of economic exploitation and cultural expropriation by whites in the music business. In doing so, the...

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