Jazz and Popular Music Essay

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Jazz and Popular Music

Despite the rapid evolution of country music in the U. S. , it was not before the creation of Acuff-Rose Publishing that country music became one of the central elements of musical advancement in the country. The rise of Acuff-Rose Publishing is closely associated with and is considered as one of the drivers for positioning Nashville as one of the country music centers in America; and where country performers and song writers sought to establish themselves in the world of music, “Acuff-Rose readily gave Nashville an outlet for the fledging country songwriters.

Record executives kept Nashville in contact with the New York scene” (Malone, 1968). To a large extent, the creation of Acuff-Rose Publishing by Fred Rose and Roy Acuff was the turning point in the process of moving country music into masses. The new musical enterprise was able to establish close ties with ASCAP and BMI studios, which turned country music into the source of enormous profits (Pecknold, 2007). The popularity of country music and country songwriters depended on the way Acuff-Rose managed to collect and distribute the most promising pieces of country singing.

It should be noted, however, that the development of Acuff-Rose and the rapid popularization of country music produced two-fold effects: on the one hand, Acuff-Rose publishing actively worked to promote the relevance of country music; on the other hand, talented country music performers promoted positive business image of Acuff-Rose, which in its turn served to help professionals and beginners in country music to reach beyond traditional regional music markets (Malone, 1968; Pecknold, 2007).

Later during the 1950s, the bluesy and gutsy style of music that had originated from Acuff-Rose’s country singers became the determining feature of country singing across several American states. Acuff-Rose has caused a strategic shift in public perceptions with regard to country music, making it a never ending source of inspiration and a reliable basis for generating continuous profits.

It was due to country music that Carl Perkins, Elvis Presley, and Jerry Lee Lewis became the critical figures of the American musical Olympus, with country sound being the distinctive feature of their style and the essential component of their professional appeal and emotiveness.

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