Japanese animation – Hayao Miyazaki Essay

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Japanese animation – Hayao Miyazaki

Japanese animations have been my favorite of all times. It has always been pleasing to my eyes. The word people call for Japanese animation is Anime. I never thought we watched an Anime in Animation 101 class. So on 8th October, we watched Hayao Miyazaki’s masterpiece film called Spirited Away in behind the scenes. The synopsis of the film is that a young girl, Chichiro, stumbles into the land of the spirits (the place with Japanese’s folklores), where her parents are transformed into pigs, and to save them, she herself must get a job in the bathhouse owned by the witch Yubaba. By watching the whole process, Miyazaki combines the film with characters from Japanese’s legends or myth; it led to fabulous and affecting fictional narratives from the characters.

It seems that Miyazaki has made a world that has all the potency of any actual myth and the same capacity for evoking a real sense of curiosity with entirely on its own. I think it’s because his drawing on motifs and various details present in Japanese’s legend and folklore. Miyazaki has created fascinating characters. Chihiro seems very realistically portrayed girl and is one the great characters of narrative art. The process of creating her takes a lot of hard work. He has to get an insight into the minds of children and the ways children act and react. Also, He has to find the best suitable voice for the character. The inhabitants and guests of the bathhouse are nicely done as well.

For example, the spider-like man to frog-like man are displayed a unique personality that adds, even if it’s small, to the film’s attraction. All these elements are so able to mesmerize the audiences that Spirited Away is often affecting. The film brings a sense of awe and deep world that is hidden beyond the human world. From the exaggerated expressions of other characters to Chihiro’ maturing face, the film shows more emotion in a single frame. Miyazaki has balanced all the various details and elements so that each complements the others and contributes to the film’s effect.

Looking at Spirited Away at basic level, I see it as an adventure about a girl. Then if I look at it in depth, it’s about growing up. Chihiro’s growth from a scared girl crying for her parents that turned into pigs to a mature girl. This film has a similarity with Alice in Worderland where a little girl stumbles into a world that she never knew before. But the difference is that Spirited Away moved from children’s genre to adult’s genre. The film is
more dark and deep.

Miyazaki has created a real work of art for every generation to come and interested in animation. This film is a good example of the best animation in history. It is attractive, awesome, and awe inspiring film to anyone. It is an Anime film that uses vital elements to deliver its message and made the film success with excellent and fluid animation. Spirited Away is one the best animated films I’ve seen.

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